RX78-2 Gundam 手辦模型 (Garage Kit Model)

My first ever 手辦模型 (Garage Kit Model) which I bought back in the year 2000. As all my friends know, I love Gundam models, when I bought it, my eyes went “blink blink” 😍 and it was the only RX78-2 model in that scale, the biggest one you could find back in those days was only 1/60 which was still way smaller.

Because of my building plastic models passion, I started digging out all my tools (spray paint brushes, pump, paints and etc.) and of course all my plastic models I bought over the last 20 years. I didn’t really remember what I had until I started opening all the boxes, then I realized how crazy I was with the number of plastic models I have and I even found doubles.🤪

I decided to start with the GK model first because that’s the one only I have, then I realized there is soo much work to do since nothing actually fits, left side and right side are not evenly balanced and a lot of other problems… what a freaking challenge. The whole process was brutal because of the scraping, remodelling, spray painting, soldering and etc. but I did it anyways… After days and days went by, I wanted to show the world my finished RX78-2 Gundam head GK model, but unfortunate to say, I probably won’t get another GK model from this experience.😝

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DJI Spark Body Shell replacement (complete teardown)

Got myself a DJI Spark Drone over Christmas which I assume a lot of people did as well because drones are soo hot nowadays and they are just perfect as gifts.  Like every kid, I was very excited to fly my drone but the temperature was so low (mostly below 0°C) and the weather wasn’t helping, I only had a few chances to fly it during the winter time.  With not a lot of practice, one big accident into a tree 20m tall tree, it fell straight down onto the concrete ground like a rock, it ended up with a broken arm and it would not be able to fly again.  The good news is, after doing some research online, I found out that I could actually order the DJI Spark body shell (not from DJI) from AliExpress for just CAD$30, but there will be a lot of disassembling/assembling to do in order to get the drone flying again which is not an easy task (after watching many many videos on YouTube).  Anyhow, instead of buying another drone or ask DJI for an estimate, I decided to just get the body shell and see if it is possible to repair it.

While waiting for the parts to arrive (which took about 4 weeks time), watched a lot of teardown videos on YouTube but didn’t really see any that documented the whole process of how to replace a DJI Spark broken body shell (which I assumed a lot of people broke their drones…).  So when the body shell arrived last week, I decided to put together a video (DJI Spark Body Shell replacement (complete teardown).  Hope this helps the people trying to figure out what the options are if something similar happened.

Many thanks to my friend Sunny for doing most of the disassembling/assembling.

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HANSIK Korean Restaurant

Korean BBQ, one of my most favorite food in this whole wide world and thanks to Shu and Cheryl for finding this amazing restaurant!!!  In a location that I would have never thought of, right on Finch Ave. and Dufferin, in between warehouses and shops there is HANSIK Korean Restaurant (according to their website, hansik means Korean food).  A smoke free BBQ restaurant which actually let you walk out from your dinner without smelling like a BBQ.  Inside was huge, which you couldn’t really tell from looking at the front door, inside was very modern Korean style and the servers were soo polite, just didn’t expect they were all guys instead of the traditional female servers.  Food was fantastic, everything was soo fresh and all the meat was not too salty like the other ones I have tried.  Price wise is really good compare to other Korean restaurants in other areas, overall experience was excellent!!!

If you have a few friends and want to spend a good time/food over dinner, this is a very nice pick if you don’t mind the distance, I would definitely go back and try more of their other stuffs on their menu, YUM YUM!!!

Of course, thanks to Cheryl, Ruby, Jason, Vivian and Shu for this amazing birthday dinner, amazing choice.  AND I have to say, Happy Birthday to Ruby as well because hers is only 2 weeks away from mine 🙂  Thanks guys!!!

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Kinky Boots


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The BIG day!!!

After a month of packing, finally, we were moving out of the mansion, the house was way too big for the 3 of us, with the perfect timing for the real estate market, we could get 2 houses out of this too.

There were soo many problems we ran into, parents didn’t want to throw away anything was the number 1 problem, because of that, it also created a butter fly effect.  Problem number 2 was, the house we were moving in was way too small for everything we had…  Problem number 3 was, it also took forever to unpack everything (things we use day to day).

As I mentioned, we got 2 houses, one for my parents and one for myself.  We had to use up all the space in my parents house as a storage for my house, so the garage is totally stuffed with only inches to spare, all the bedrooms are also stuffed, no house guests are welcome at the moment because walking around is a big problem…  Not to mention, we also had a storage unit full of stuffs to move to this house as well…

But at the end, I was happy, just weeks later, I will have my own cozy place that belongs to myself, I can do whatever I want and no one will disturb or interrupt, YAY!!!  Making Step 1 to happen was a big thing, I am sure the steps to follow are even more challenging and exciting but I am looking forward to it!!!

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