PhoPadThai (越泰盞)

PhoPadThai (越泰盞) is opened not long ago in that Asian food plaza at Apple Creek and Woodbine Ave Markham. where it used to be called WoodStone (森石).  As you can tell by their name, they serve a combination of Vietnamese and Thai food.  I am never a Thai food fan but instead, I love Viet Pho, since it is not very far from my work place, I had already been there twice and I would say they are actually not bad.  If you order their Viet Pho noodles, you get to choose fresh or regular noodle which you won’t find that in most Vietnamese restaurants.  Taste wise, ummm, there are really a lot of other competitors out there in Toronto really but usually what I look for is the details of the way they sliced their food, just take a look at the pictures below, they all taste the same really, if they are under the expectations, then their business will not last.  But I can say, this place is really not bad, at least I didn’t taste any MSG and their stir fried beef, spring rolls and my noodle made my stomach very satisfied 😛

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PhoPadThai (越泰盞), 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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