CATS The Musical

Most people know about this amazing musical “CATS” by one of their greatest songs “Memory”, well, that’s how I know about this because I used to play the song on piano back in the days 😛  I believe they will still be around for a few weeks so if you are interested, get your tickets now!!!  About the musical, it was really amazing, quote the singing part, the story is alright, well, it’s all about a bunch of street cats hanging out the junk yard really hahaha 🙂 If you have never seen it, you really have a pay a lot of attention on everything that is going on really, they interact with you sometimes and a whole lot of story telling in their songs.  Overall, I love it, the costumes, singing and everything, if I have a chance to see it again, I totally would, only if I can see it in a bigger theatre because we saw it in Panasonic theatre which is a little small, I am sure it would be stunning in a bigger theatre hehe.

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CATS The Musical, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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