Weekend get away!!!

Most people know me as a stay home geek and yes, I was and I am hoping I will be transformed into an outdoor adventurist soon.  I really haven’t done something like this for ages but a weekend get away was what I needed, other than hanging out the shopping malls all the time, went to a few places over the whole weekend for a change.

Welland Canals, first time ever seen a ship passing through a canal in action, 2 things that totally amazed me, first was the person driving the ship because the canal was super tight, second was the speed while the ship was being raised.

Port Dalhousie, probably the most beautiful and calm area I have even been in Ontario, the view of the sunset just above the lake was just amazing, it was very refreshing after just a short walk along the port.

Buffalo, the last time I was there was when I got my immigration papers and needed to exit Canada and came back in.  After 20+ years, it certainly seems the same, some area can be very dead and some can be very lively. The lineup through the border was way longer than I expect even it wasn’t a long weekend abut it was a good experience to be back after soo many years.

Queenston Heights, yet another beautiful and calm place, you could pretty much spend a whole day doing whatever there, I saw people having Birthday parties, BBQ, kitting, baseball, walking jogging etc.  There is even a restaurant there if you want to have a beer or dinner with a great view of the lake if you want to spend your day that way too :-p

Niagara on the Lake, sigh…  tho I had been to it a few times, I didn’t even know there is a beautiful country road Niagara River Parkway…  Anyways, it’s all about wineries!!!  Jackson Triggs FTW!!!

and there are a whole lot more to see on my facebook here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151782892390211.1073741829.689775210&type=1&l=8d12932ff7

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