Buskerfest 2014

This was probably the very last big event in Toronto during summer time, Buskerfest 2014, a very large section of Yonge st. was closed for this, I was there last year Buskerfest 2013 on Yonge st. and I was hoping to see more interesting things for this year. Compare to other big events in Toronto, this was probably the least interesting event.  As I expected, it very disappointing again, even less performers than last year and more booths for merchandise and food, place was still very packed but the fun factor was low.  Anyhow, it was really ok to spend an hour there to kill time if you have a place to park your car, but I am sure I will not go again next year 😛  Here are some of the pictures I took, P.S. you would probably notice some performers were the same from last year too 😛

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