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Mar 11 2012


It was Valerie’s 1 year old birthday a couple weeks ago and I invited Rosanna, David and little Valerie to my basement studio to have some pictures taken.  It was my very first time having a studio session with a 1 year old, it would have been a mess if I didn’t have any helpers there, so many thanks to Karen and little Marcus.  They also brought their own babies toys and clothes to make this event happen, took David 4 rounds to get everything from the car so you pretty much have an idea how much preparation that was.

How hard it is to take photos for a 1 year old?  Seriously, I thought it was easy but after the first 10 mins of the photo shoot, I realized there were a few issues that I wasn’t aware of, e.g. babies crawl super fast, they will not listen to you and super hard to get the right facial expression etc.  And after 2 hrs of the photo shoot, 550 pictures were taken, everyone was exhausted, Valerie even felt asleep right after. Anyways, I finally got the time to pick out the right pictures for my facebook and blog, they actually turned out pretty good considering that was my first time :p

Here is a link to the full album on my facebook

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Apr 22 2011

Potluck party + more studio test (5)

Well, while my parents are still away, the house parties marathon continues…  This time was a Potluck party with the friends I used to work with years ago at Logic, everyone brought food that they made and we ended up having over 15 different dishes on the table, yummm…  And you know what?  It was also my first time having 5 children in the house, so of course I wouldn’t miss this perfect opportunity to use my camera on them as well :p  Here are some of the best shots I picked for my blog, enjoy 😀

Here is a full album on my facebook

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Apr 20 2011

More house parties + more studio test (4)

This party was all about the people from my cooking class and dessert class, gladly the teachers from both class (Joesph, Corolla and Queenie) can attend and even Mrs Ma (the coordinator from Yee Hong) was here as well 😀  It was just a very simple hotpot dinner but we had soo much fun chatting and everything 😀  Of course, I wouldn’t miss a great chance of doing more of my photography tests in my studio, anyways, here are some of the samples 😀

P.S. all the studio pictures are edited using photoshop :p

here are the rest of the pictures on my facebook

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Apr 16 2011

House gathering / studio test 3

While my parents were here, my friends was afraid of my crazy parents but there are in Hong Kong right now, so I decided to throw some huge parties at my house plus I can do more studio pictures as well :p  The studio shots this time is a little different with another set of softbox lights 😀  Anyways, enough with the talking, here are some highlights pictures of this album, trust me, you would totally fall in love with it because there is a totally cuteness in this 😀

P.S.  I don’t recall having soo many children in my house before :p  and here is a link to a 178 pictures more on my facebook, enjoy 😀


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Apr 10 2011

Home Studio test 2

Over the last weekend, a few of my friends (Cheryl, Raymond and Sunny) came over to my home studio and did a few tests.  With a little photoshop skill, here is the test result 😀  Of course, I have to thank them because when you see me in the picture, that means the Photographers were them, not me.  Please feel free to give me comments because I am still learning :p  Hopefully I will get better in the future 😀

tons more on my facebook here 😀

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