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Jun 28 2015

Kinky Boots


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Jun 27 2013

CATS The Musical

Most people know about this amazing musical “CATS” by one of their greatest songs “Memory”, well, that’s how I know about this because I used to play the song on piano back in the days 😛  I believe they will still be around for a few weeks so if you are interested, get your tickets now!!!  About the musical, it was really amazing, quote the singing part, the story is alright, well, it’s all about a bunch of street cats hanging out the junk yard really hahaha 🙂 If you have never seen it, you really have a pay a lot of attention on everything that is going on really, they interact with you sometimes and a whole lot of story telling in their songs.  Overall, I love it, the costumes, singing and everything, if I have a chance to see it again, I totally would, only if I can see it in a bigger theatre because we saw it in Panasonic theatre which is a little small, I am sure it would be stunning in a bigger theatre hehe.

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Jul 22 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast, a very classic cartoon from Disney that had become an award winning  Broadway musical which I was hoping to see for sometime.  When I heard that they were coming to Toronto again, me and my friends booked the tickets right away no doubt :p  The show was at the beautiful Four Seasons Center, a new/modern theatrical experience for all ages.  I was totally amazed by all the powerful singers performing the whole musical and the stunning settings of every scenes.  I would definitely recommend this for everyone, it’s a must see performance out of most musicals out there, a big thumbs up!!!

P.S.  Photography of any kind is prohibited during a performance. Audiotape and videotape recordings are forbidden under copyright law. If anyone is found photographing or taping the performance, their photos or recordings will be deleted and they will be asked to leave the theatre without a ticket refund. :p

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Apr 04 2012

草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper’s glamour on stage)

The concert we were waiting for was finally here, 草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper’s glamour on stage) located at Ricoh Coliseum and soo many friends were there too 😀  They started with slow songs then slowly moved into fast songs, at the half way point, the whole concert was already turned into a dance party and most people were on their feet dancing even the older people too, haha :p  Overall, it was a very funny and excited concert with a lot of old time favorites.  Too bad there was no encore at the end and because of that, after the concert was finished, we headed to Karaoke, since a few of us expected to have a late night concert and took the day off work the next day :p

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Aug 29 2011

MP魔幻力量+丁噹(Della) 臺灣文化節 2011

The moment I had been waiting for, to see 丁噹(Della) live at HarbourFront.  The weather was soo nice, not too hot, super clear sky, perfect lake view and its a fantastic day for out doors.  The event started at 930 but we arrived there at around 700, was totally going to try those Taiwanese food but look at the lineups in the pictures below…  anyways, at the end, we decided to have dinner at Watermark restaurant, you can take a look at some of the pictures I took there, amazing steak pie I had along with other appetizers as well 😀

There are tons more pictures on my facebook link here Enjoy 😀

Also a few video clips here on my youtube channel 😀

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