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Apr 25 2015

Magic Noodle (大槐树兰州拉面)

Finally, a hand pulled noodles restaurant in Richmond Hill area, between Leslie and Bayview, on 16th ave. Magic Noodle (大槐树兰州拉面).  The interior is spacious, very open concept, not even a single wall and they make their noodles in front of you at the end there.  A must try for their chewy hand pulled noodles which comes in small or large and you also get to choose the thickness of the noodle as well.  They do have a sizzling menu if you are just looking for something to nibble.  The soup base was perfect for my taste and the squid was soo mouth watering that I would die for the next when I go back 😛  If you are looking for quick lunch, not sure if this is the place tho because the wait time is quite long, it’s soo packed at all time.

just incase you don’t know where it is, it’s right where the new McDonald’s is and beware, it’s quite noisy inside, hehe

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Dec 14 2014

White Orchid – SouthEast Asian Cuisine (蘭花軒)

To celebrate Shu’s birthday early, we decided it to try something a little different. With a total of 14 people Cheryl found us a private kitchen (私房菜), White Orchid – SouthEast Asian Cuisine (蘭花軒) located on 360 Highway 7 east., unit 5, Richmond Hill. Causal lunch by day and fine dining/causal by night, this is really a unique place.  Price wise is not that bad to start with, just take a look at the pictures of all the dishes we ordered below, each of us had to pay $40, not bad 🙂  Food was great, it’s a little different from a lot of other Chinese restaurants because of it’s kind and style.  A must try if you are in Richmond Hill, one thing I should mention tho, the place is tiny, if you want a big dinner with friends, you better call to make a reservation hehe

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Jul 19 2014

楓林閣海鮮酒家 (Fung Lam Court Chinese Restaurant)

It’s the time of the year to have a birthday celebration dinner with Cheryl, 楓林閣海鮮酒家 (Fung Lam Court Chinese Restaurant) on Kennedy and Denison st.  It had been a long time since me and my friends had a gathering so I was super excited to see them and looking forward to try this place out 🙂  東瓜盅 was the main reason why we chose the place, but I was also told that they had a lot of featured dishes as well, don’t really know the names of them in English but just take a look at the pictures below for reference.  Very typical Chinese restaurant, the 東瓜盅 was pretty unique, had a lot of different stuffs in it (shrimp, pork etc.) all the other dishes we ordered tasted not bad, not really over the top, well, considered the price is very inexpensive you know 😛 but I would still recommend this to friends or to my aunties for big gatherings 😛

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Dec 16 2013

Old friends gathering at 華星餐廳 (Chi Star House)

Woah, it had been a long time since we had a gathering with my old colleagues from Logic.  Julian’s came back and brought our old buddies back together once again, woah, when I think about it, it has already been 5 years!!!  Just like old times, everyone haven’t changed much, we talk LOUD and laugh LOUD, Thomas is fat, Ray is wearing T-shirt ONLY during cold weather, Darlie has his goatee still, Cherry laughs all the time, Doris is annoying, Stephen still tries to be funny and Julian looks like Julian 5 years ago still :-P.  華星餐廳 (Chi Star House) was a perfect place to have a nice dinner in a VIP room.  Food was nice but of course we all enjoyed our chatting more than anything hehe.

here is a link to a full resolution of the picture with all of us

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Oct 12 2013

Pre celebrate Jason’s Birthday at O Mei

It was the time of the year when we celebrate friends’ birthday over dinner, O Mei has always been a very solid Chinese restaurant for a perfect dinner.  Did I mention seafood is O Mei’s specialty as specially Lobsters, 4 different dishes can be made out of a 6 pound lobsters, but of course, they also have a great varieties of food choices.  I don’t think I need to say much about the food because everyone knows that it is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Toronto, tho we didn’t order a lot because we only had a few people but the choices we had was excellent as expected, eg. our super tasty lobster 😛  Oh, almost forgot to mention, they have very good Chinese style dessert too!!!  The night was amazing, being with good friends over dinner is always enjoyable and at the end of the night, we left with a full stomach, big smile and joy 🙂

here is another O Mei post from before in case you want to see more 🙂

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