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Aug 12 2015

HANSIK Korean Restaurant

Korean BBQ, one of my most favorite food in this whole wide world and thanks to Shu and Cheryl for finding this amazing restaurant!!!  In a location that I would have never thought of, right on Finch Ave. and Dufferin, in between warehouses and shops there is HANSIK Korean Restaurant (according to their website, hansik means Korean food).  A smoke free BBQ restaurant which actually let you walk out from your dinner without smelling like a BBQ.  Inside was huge, which you couldn’t really tell from looking at the front door, inside was very modern Korean style and the servers were soo polite, just didn’t expect they were all guys instead of the traditional female servers.  Food was fantastic, everything was soo fresh and all the meat was not too salty like the other ones I have tried.  Price wise is really good compare to other Korean restaurants in other areas, overall experience was excellent!!!

If you have a few friends and want to spend a good time/food over dinner, this is a very nice pick if you don’t mind the distance, I would definitely go back and try more of their other stuffs on their menu, YUM YUM!!!

Of course, thanks to Cheryl, Ruby, Jason, Vivian and Shu for this amazing birthday dinner, amazing choice.  AND I have to say, Happy Birthday to Ruby as well because hers is only 2 weeks away from mine 🙂  Thanks guys!!!

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Apr 13 2015

響 HIBIKI Japanese Cuisine

Thanks Shu for helping me to get something from TaoBao, so I had to treat her somewhere for a nice dinner, of course thanks the amazing Cheryl came up with this idea 🙂  Not to mention, I also bumped into an old friends from almost 20 years ago ar 文 and turned out he is the brother of Becky LOL, what a small world 😛

Who would have thought on a busy street highway 7, right in between Warden and Kennedy Unionville, there is a new restaurant called 響 HIBIKI Japanese Cuisine (4450 Highway 7 East).  The spacious interior is amazing with the tree beams design, kindly waiters give you a cozy feeling and top quality sashimi and IZAKAYA dishes taste as well as they looks.  Price wise it’s not as steep as some other places, $30-50 per, really perfect for occasions like birthdays or gatherings.  I might go and try their lunch too because I heard they have some good specials, will see 🙂  Try it yourself, I can’t promise anything but I walked out as a happy customer, just look at the pictures below and you’ll know what I mean, hehe.


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Nov 25 2014

Sogong-Dong Tofu House

Oh my god, did anyone know about this place, I was told it has been around for a long while and I didn’t even know it…?  A small unique Korean restaurant located in First Markham place, a very large varieties of Tofu soup dishes to choose from.  Personally, I don’t eat tofu very often but a bowl of tofu in spicy meat soup along with a bowl of stone pot rice completely changed the way I look at tofu.  Umm well, I eat anything spicy LOL.  This is just perfect for the cold weather, everything there would warm your stomach and body 🙂  One more thing tho, it has a very typical problem most Korean restaurant has, very slow service, so just beware 🙂

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Aug 25 2014

Home of Hot-Taste

Chicken chicken and chicken, everything is chicken in this restaurant, can you believe it?  Home of Hot-Taste, located in Thornhill area, Yonge st. and Clark ave.  Although it was my first time trying this restaurant but I already felt in love with it mainly because chicken is my favorite meat and it’s Korean 🙂  To be honest, just by looking at the front door I wouldn’t have thought there was treasure behind it, tho we only ordered 3 dishes but I was so satisfied with everything they’ve got .  Spicy chicken and octopus, deep fried chicken and chicken kidneys, I was like in heaven LOL.  Not to mention, their beer is like $3.5 each, not a bad price 🙂  Anyways, the place is not super size but perfect to have a few friends chat loud and enjoy their food and beer, definitely have to try it out if you haven’t 🙂

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Aug 22 2014

kintori yakitori

Thanks to Karen, Cheryl and Minnie for this wonderful birthday dinner treat at Kintori Yakitori which is located on the second floor of Kinton Ramen 2, 668 Bloor Street West, Toronto.  Another izakaya style (居酒屋) restaurant but the atmosphere is very different from the ones I have tried.  Usually when you go to a Japanese izakaya restaurant, it would be very loud and noisy from the employees non stop greetings or the customers, but this restaurant is more on the elegant side.  Food was fantastic, not as salty as the other places and there are also parking spaces right outside of the restaurant as well, perfect place if you want to enjoy a night with a few people and able chat 🙂  The place is tiny and busy, so if you are thinking about going, you should make a reservation.

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