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Nov 10 2013

Thai Villa

Apparently, Thai Villa has been around for a long time in Aurora, seems a little far for a lot of people but it was really worth a visit.  A little small gathering with my friends before my cruise trip, also a perfect time to try out something that I don’t eat all the time 😛  I was told that the chicken dish we had was a special order which turned out to be a very good choice.  I was expecting it would be very oily on everything but everything turned out alright!!  Fried wings were perfectly seasoned, curry tasted just right, noodles was very well made tho the assorted dish was a little on the dry side but the whole meal was very satisfying.  Just take a look at the pictures I took below and you will probably agree with what I said 🙂

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Jun 06 2013

PhoPadThai (越泰盞)

PhoPadThai (越泰盞) is opened not long ago in that Asian food plaza at Apple Creek and Woodbine Ave Markham. where it used to be called WoodStone (森石).  As you can tell by their name, they serve a combination of Vietnamese and Thai food.  I am never a Thai food fan but instead, I love Viet Pho, since it is not very far from my work place, I had already been there twice and I would say they are actually not bad.  If you order their Viet Pho noodles, you get to choose fresh or regular noodle which you won’t find that in most Vietnamese restaurants.  Taste wise, ummm, there are really a lot of other competitors out there in Toronto really but usually what I look for is the details of the way they sliced their food, just take a look at the pictures below, they all taste the same really, if they are under the expectations, then their business will not last.  But I can say, this place is really not bad, at least I didn’t taste any MSG and their stir fried beef, spring rolls and my noodle made my stomach very satisfied 😛

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Mar 14 2013

越潮越式美食(Pho Trend Vietnamese Restaurant)

this restaurant no longer there 🙁
If you like Vietnamese, ever get tired of eating at the same Vietnamese restaurant all the time?  Here is another option you can try, 越潮越式美食(Pho Trend Vietnamese Restaurant) located at Highway 7 and Warden, right across HSBC.  Restaurants are soo competitive in Toronto nowadays, sometimes food quality is so high that not only food has to be good, the design of the interior matters as well, if you are looking to find a modern/comfy Vietnamese Restaurant, this is a very good choice really 😀  But the down side is, if you live in Toronto area you would know, finding a parking space in that plaza is not easy, I go to the same plaza in the day for lunch at least once a week and I rather get take out instead because of the lack of parking space, and that is why you see the picture below was taken at night hehe.

越潮 front door

越潮 front door

Didn’t know they have a lunch special menu, just take a look at the combinations you can have above, hehe.  I am glad that I tried it because it’s inexpensive and tastes really good, everyone should definitely try 😀

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Mar 05 2013

Spoon & Fork Japanese. Thai…

Spoon & Fork Japanese. Thai… is yet another Franchise restaurant located in Ontario which serves all you can eat Japanese & Thai buffet and the one located in Vaughan which is probably the closest nearby from Toronto area. All my friends know that I don’t go to buffets often but their Thai food sounded very promising too so I had to give it a try. As usual, I would order mostly cooked dishes instead of sashimi in a Japanese buffets because you can’t really expect too much from all you can eat sashimi/sushi. And I was right, all of their cooked dishes were well made and delicious just like something you can find in a fine diner, which you know they put their heart into everything that they made and I didn’t expect from a buffet style restaurant really 😛 BUT one thing I found very annoying was the portion, an order of a main course dish is really a main course portion, so if you order one of their specialty noodles, they would get you a full plate of it, umm… and that would make your stomach full right away… that is why if you want to try more different varieties of their food, you should go as a group to share. As you can tell from the pictures I took, I went with a friend so we didn’t get to try EVERYTHING 😛 well, self noted hehe


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Aug 10 2012

Malaysia & Asian Cuisine (膳園)

My friends wanted to treat me and Ruby an early birthday dinner and decided to try out Malaysia & Asian Cuisine (膳園), the most Authentic Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian Cuisine of all the restaurants in Scarborough (Toronto and GTA).  We rarely try Malaysian food so we were very excited about the experience.  Once we got there, I was actually quite surprised about the size of the place and it was totally  packed, but sadly, too many cars and not enough parking spaces…  Anyhow, once we got inside, a mouth watering strong scent of herbs surrounded us and that made me like the restaurant even more already :-p  The varieties on the menu was amazing, it was supposed to be very hard to decide what to get but instead, it was pretty easy pick our choices because we just ordered everything we wanted, hehe.  At the end, we were very satisfied with everything, no wondered they were around for 17 years as I was told 🙂  Anyways, this is a place where I would recommend people to try out and you will not be disappointed, trust me 😀

BTW, big thanks to Karen, Simon, little Marcus and Jason for the amazing dinner, you guys are the best ;-D


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