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Dec 09 2014

Millie Creperie

Another fantastic find in downtown, Millie Creperie, located in Kensington  Market area, 161 Baldwin Street (on the other side of Spadina Ave. – even if you are familiar with the area, you might still not notice about this place), a tiny little store that has amazingly good tasting Japanese dessert.  A place soo small that they only have a few seats inside, not a lot of varieties but the smell of crepe just makes you want to stay for a bit longer, I say definitely a place to stop by if you are in the area.  Think about a simple Green Tea Parfait made me wish they were in uptown so I could taste their ice-cream everyday 😛  One thing you keep in mind tho, they close at 8:30, so now you know why I wished it was in uptown?  hehe

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Nov 04 2014

duo pâtisserie&café

pictures added 14 Nov 2014

Woah, another good find in Markham area, a very unique little dessert place which is in a very convenient location, on 230 Commerce Valley Dr. E, Unit 4, a little dessert place called “duo pâtisserie&café” (noted, don’t think the website is ready yet but you can visit their facebook page here  Its probably one of the first of it’s kind in the area, similar to Nadège Patisserie on Queen if you know where that is, with famous tasteful macaroons and croissants along with a few other desserts and specialty coffees.  I am not a very dessert person but the first time I was there I was already fallen in love with their desserts.  Not to mention the looks is very mouth watering, and the taste just fits my taste buds, not too sweet compare to a lot of similar places. If  you are looking for a goodnight dessert before bed, I think this is the perfect place in the area.  Anyways, here are some pictures I took while I was there, and yea, go try it and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

p.s. hey I was the first one to use their credit card machine 😛

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Mar 15 2014

0109 Dessert & Chocolate

0109 Dessert & Chocolate, not too often that you find a dessert place which is in a Chinese community, mostly because we Asians don’t like sweets. Luckily enough we picked out this place and it turned out pretty good, most dessert are not too sweet like some restaurants, their stuffs are pretty light in a good way, thumbs up! I would definitely go back just because of their cream brulee but beware because you probably need to make a reservation ahead of time because the place is packed with people unless you go early.

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