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Jan 13 2012

Dinner @Richtree Market + misc.

A casual Friday dinner with friends @Richtree Market, a restaurant I hadn’t been to for a long while.  The one we went to is located at Bayview and York Mills, it used to be Marché a LONG time ago in case you don’t remember.  I was really expecting the restaurant would be packed but instead, it was only 1/2 filled.  I had a crepe with Italian sausage and veggies which was something I had never tried, nothing would go wrong with mussels in white wine sauce for sure, not to mention they have a Sushi bar there as well.  Food wise is alright, it’s something good to have once in a while really :p  When we were finished, it was still very early so I invited everyone to chill out at my place since Eric had never been to my house before.  Anyways, a few pictures I took during the night, enjoy 😀

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Dec 24 2011

X’mas Eve 2011

Christmas means PARTIES, that’s what it says in my dictionary.  We decided to have a Christmas Eve party at Cheryl’s house and of course, we have to thank her parents’ kindness and understanding, letting us to have a long loud night party there.  We wanted the party to be simple so no one made anything, all the food was ordered from a few restaurants in that Chinese plaza (新旺角) on 8306-8362 Kennedy Rd. Markham.  After a full stomach of the amazing good food, time for the highlight of the night, Karaoke and drinking in the basement :p  We kind of started off slowly in the beginning, as the time flew deeper and deeper into the late night, the alcohol was running out fast :p  With our stuffed stomachs, some how we managed to finish most of the alcohol at the end of the night, it was fun fun fun, no words can describe it really :p

Here is a link to my facebook for a full album

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Jul 25 2010

Karaoke + BBQ (24, 25 July 2010)

Just a short video from the weekend.  The night we went to Karaoke with Cheryl, Karen, Ruby, Jason and Tony after our dinner at StoneGrill, also some video clips from the BBQ at Sunny’s house on Sunday with Livius, Peter and Eleanor 😀

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Jul 24 2010

StoneGrill Dinning + Karaoke

Made a reservation last Saturday at StoneGrill Dinning, the food was alright, but temperature inside was horrible :p with all the hot stones on all the tables, it was very hot…  Anyways, after dinner, we decided to go Ten23 since Karen didn’t have to take care her son :p

have a few more pictures uploaded on my facebook here

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Mar 20 2010

Crazy K-night 20100319

I haven’t been to karaoke for such a long time, Cheryl, Karen, Tony, Ken, Jason and I had an awesome crazy drinking/ singing night at ten23 Friday, too bad Vivian didn’t show up or it would have been a lot more crazy hehe.  Took a lot of videos and some pictures, but I am not going to bother posting the videos for now cuz inside the room was kind of dark but here are a few good pictures of the night 😀


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