Apr 04 2012

草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper’s glamour on stage)

The concert we were waiting for was finally here, 草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper’s glamour on stage) located at Ricoh Coliseum and soo many friends were there too 😀  They started with slow songs then slowly moved into fast songs, at the half way point, the whole concert was already turned into a dance party and most people were on their feet dancing even the older people too, haha :p  Overall, it was a very funny and excited concert with a lot of old time favorites.  Too bad there was no encore at the end and because of that, after the concert was finished, we headed to Karaoke, since a few of us expected to have a late night concert and took the day off work the next day :p

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草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper's glamour on stage), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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