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May 12 2009

Cooking FUN!!!

I finally got a chance to see Estella’s house and got to use the fancy kitchen.  The day was packed with a lot of Aunties (師奶) and we learned a lot from each other.  The afternoon was to achieve making different kinds of dumplings and we did it 😀  After that, we also made a few different things including beef jerky which is one of my favorite 😀

I only posted one picture here since I was soo busy making food but I do have a few more pictures on my facebook

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May 04 2009

Pot Luck (師奶篇)

Last week end, I had the most noisy and crazy party ever in my house, why?  because they are all aunties (師奶)!!!  Most of the people from my cooking class decided to have a pot luck party at my house, since their cooking skill is sooo good, of course everything they brought was amazing no doubt.  Joy and laughter was filled, which was something that doesn’t happen very often with my parents around.  If you look at the pictures below, you can see the scene was quite amusing.  I am pretty sure I will try to have more parties like this in the future, of course, anyone is welcome to join if interested 😀

Here is a facebook link if you want to see more 😀

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Apr 19 2009

Cooking class classmates gathering (烹飪篇)

I am going to make this post big because this is one of the biggest surprise gathering I have ever had 😀 Mary and Paul invited me over along with some other cooking class classmates on the weekend, surprisingly Mary could really cook hahaha.  Most of the time in our cooking lessons, she was walking around and chatting to others but she did 9 dishes all together in a night, also some others made some misc. stuffs and they all taste soo good.  Overall, the night was fun and all, hopefully we will have more gathering like this so I can taste more good food 😀  Here is some footage of the night, Enjoy 🙂

If you want to see more, here is a facebook link 😀

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