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Jul 24 2010

StoneGrill Dinning + Karaoke

Made a reservation last Saturday at StoneGrill Dinning, the food was alright, but temperature inside was horrible :p with all the hot stones on all the tables, it was very hot…  Anyways, after dinner, we decided to go Ten23 since Karen didn’t have to take care her son :p

have a few more pictures uploaded on my facebook here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=242523&id=689775210

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May 22 2010

BBQ 2010 @ Cheryl’s House

Well planned BBQ party with tons of food.  Why?  We bought/prepared food the day before because we were expecting at least 20 adults in this BBQ party 😀  not counting the children :p  Too bad we miss calculated the amount of food and we had soo much left overs but at least everyone had a full stomach at the end, lol  Anyways, there was soo much stuffs that can’t be explained in words, here are the videos I put together on youtube, please enjoy 😀

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Mar 20 2010

Crazy K-night 20100319

I haven’t been to karaoke for such a long time, Cheryl, Karen, Tony, Ken, Jason and I had an awesome crazy drinking/ singing night at ten23 Friday, too bad Vivian didn’t show up or it would have been a lot more crazy hehe.  Took a lot of videos and some pictures, but I am not going to bother posting the videos for now cuz inside the room was kind of dark but here are a few good pictures of the night 😀


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