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Nov 30 2014

Marcus’ 7th Birthday 2014

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Marcus
Happy Birthday to You.

Time flies lightning fast, Marcus is already 7 years old.  It was another big party at the grand parents house where could hold tons of people and balloons 😛  Not only that Marcus is getting bigger, so was the ice-cream cake which could easily feed 20+ people and the gifts of course, hehe.  It really was a day for the kids, they were mostly running around, yelling and screaming, not a good scene when you are not used to being around kids (talking to myself here…).  The party was supercharged with happiness and energy, our takeout food tasted even better because of that too (it’s true, hehe).  Oh oh, and we were so happy to see Cindy and her little baby girl as well, yay 何P!

more pictures on my Facebook here

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Nov 01 2014

Grace + Cindy’s Birthday party at Cheryl’s

Perfect timing at a perfect place, finally we could have a small little house party with only friends :-P, our lovely Cheryl provided her place to have a celebration for Grace’s birthday and Cindy’s coming soon.  The most funny part was, it was Grace that asked for a party herself at Cheryl’s and she even bought herself a cake LOL.  Big thanks to Cheryl for letting us mess up her place, Karen for making us a super yummy ox tail pot, Ruby for her tasty chicken wings and of course, the kids for not bothering us at all, and of course Grace for buying us a cake, not breaking anything LOL.  We really enjoyed the chatty night, something that we haven’t done for quite a while and hope that there will be more to come in the near future just like the old times 🙂

Wishing Grace and Cindy a Happy happy birthday and everyday will be better and better 🙂

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Sep 27 2014

SANTORINI Mediterranean Cuisine

I won’t say this is the best of it’s kind but surely it is different from what I would try normally, SANTORINI Mediterranean Cuisine, a restaurant that imported all their ingredients from Greek and serve using high-quality products such as Black Angus Beef and fresh seafood with a very inviting atmosphere. I am so glad we could try something out of our usual appetite for Simon’s Birthday this year 🙂  The restaurant is huge, very easy to spot, location is right on Bayview Ave. and John st., outside of Thornhill square.  Menu is nice and simple, I was told their fish dishes are the best but too bad I don’t eat fish but our appetizers were very impressive and so was my steak. yum yum 🙂

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Aug 22 2014

kintori yakitori

Thanks to Karen, Cheryl and Minnie for this wonderful birthday dinner treat at Kintori Yakitori which is located on the second floor of Kinton Ramen 2, 668 Bloor Street West, Toronto.  Another izakaya style (居酒屋) restaurant but the atmosphere is very different from the ones I have tried.  Usually when you go to a Japanese izakaya restaurant, it would be very loud and noisy from the employees non stop greetings or the customers, but this restaurant is more on the elegant side.  Food was fantastic, not as salty as the other places and there are also parking spaces right outside of the restaurant as well, perfect place if you want to enjoy a night with a few people and able chat 🙂  The place is tiny and busy, so if you are thinking about going, you should make a reservation.

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Jul 19 2014

楓林閣海鮮酒家 (Fung Lam Court Chinese Restaurant)

It’s the time of the year to have a birthday celebration dinner with Cheryl, 楓林閣海鮮酒家 (Fung Lam Court Chinese Restaurant) on Kennedy and Denison st.  It had been a long time since me and my friends had a gathering so I was super excited to see them and looking forward to try this place out 🙂  東瓜盅 was the main reason why we chose the place, but I was also told that they had a lot of featured dishes as well, don’t really know the names of them in English but just take a look at the pictures below for reference.  Very typical Chinese restaurant, the 東瓜盅 was pretty unique, had a lot of different stuffs in it (shrimp, pork etc.) all the other dishes we ordered tasted not bad, not really over the top, well, considered the price is very inexpensive you know 😛 but I would still recommend this to friends or to my aunties for big gatherings 😛

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