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Dec 06 2013

Alice Fazooli’s

Woah, I haven’t been to this restaurant for a long time, last time I was there was back in 2011 Dinner @Alice Fazooli’s.  I really didn’t remember much about this place, they might have renovated the place, but as I remembered the most was, the place was always noisy and I was right, hehe.  Still don’t think the food stands out from other restaurants around it but it’s still a good place to go if you like the atmosphere.  It does have a very unique and modern style that most Italian restaurants don’t have, I guess that’s one of the reasons why it is always packed and attracts mostly the younger crowds and really not a bad choice if you are in Richmond Hill area 🙂  Did I mention they have a big projector on the wall playing old times movies?!  Hehe

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Oct 25 2013

Fraticelli’s Italian Grill

Yet another chains restaurant, Fraticelli’s Italian Grill (Leslie st. & 16th Richmond Hill).  Read a lot of good review of the place, they also won a diner’s choice 2013, so I decided to try it myself to see how good this place really is.  The restaurant is very modern, similar to Moxie’s or some other new chains out there, not too noisy, seemed like a very good place to chat with your love ones kind of place.  Food was only alright tho, I ordered my all time favorite, pasta, but it turned out that its was only so so, pasta was under cooked, taste wise was a little on the salty/sour side…  A little over priced so over all experience was some what disappointing, this is a restaurant that I would not recommend people to go because I just don’t think it will survive for long when there are soo many good places in the same area.  Sorry Fraticelli’s 😛

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Oct 10 2013

Lina Linguinis Pasta & Grille

I love pastas, that’s why I love Italian restaurants.  Lina Linguinis Pasta & Grille, located in 111 Fourth Ave, St Catharines, Ontario, another very good place to dine in, packed with people at all times and strongly recommended if you are a pasta lover like I am 🙂  This might sound like it’s in the middle of no where but St Catharines is actually 20 mins away from Niagara Falls hehe.  Food was pretty good if you compare it to a lot of the big restaurants in Toronto or Niagara Falls area, a must try if you are in the area, not to mention, their prices on their lunch menu is are very affordable, the only down side to me is, the place is very dark inside, guess they try to make the place romantic or something 😛

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Oct 04 2013

Antica Pizzeria & Ristorante

Antica Pizzeria & Ristorante a very home cooked style Italian restaurant located in Niagara Falls.  The design of the inside is very unique, walls and ceilings are covered with bricks, but overall, it doesn’t give you a dated feeling at all, instead, it feels very modern and comfortable inside.  They do have a huge variety of food choice on their menu, not pricey at all consider the area they are located.  I was totally tempted to order pizza because of their special oven but instead I chose my all time favorites pasta.  It turned out my pasta was made just right, texture and sauce was just the way I like it.  I would recommend this place if anyone is touring around Niagara Falls looking for a causal dinning.  Try out their pizza and let me know alright?  hehe

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Sep 27 2013

Focaccia Restaurant

Focaccia Restaurant, a very tiny and simple Italian restaurant (1 chef and 1 waiter, really!) located in downtown Toronto, 17 Hayden St. (Bloor and Yonge).  Never thought I would find amazing food in a restaurant this size (18 seats) but I did, their menu is very very simple, but everything I tried tasted just right, for just $20 per person for their Prix Fixe Menu, you have to give this place a try.  Oh oh, don’t forget, you HAVE to try their pasta because it tasted the best in my opinion, cooked just right, well seasoned and very chewy, probably the best pasta I ever had really 🙂

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