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Jul 31 2014

SONG Cook’s

Anita and her daughter came back to Toronto for a short visit, so we decided to call our long lost friend Cindy to join us for a small gathering dinner at SONG Cook’s located on Yonge and Steeles W, one of my favorite kind of restaurant, Korean!  Yay!!!  Most people know, I love spicy food, so I couldn’t wait to try this place out 😛  Entrance looks very unique, inside is spacious and you also get to choose to sit at the regular tables and chairs side or tatami (a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms)

Well, this is spicy food, so I am going to say everything taste delicious right off my head even I haven’t put anything into my mouth HAHA.  But really, everything tasted extremely good, noodles (JengBan JaJang) was chewie, just the way I like it, pork ribs dish (MuGunji Pork Ribs) tasted amazing, the pig foot (Five Spices Jokbai) was totally different from anything I have tried and tons more…  I love this place, not only because of the yummy food, also because of this place DOESN’T smell 🙂  Definitely have to try this place if you are craving Korean 😛

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Jun 22 2014


My cousin Suki and Carlos came for a surprise visit again 😛 so I took them to a place semi special and different from what they usually had (of course a place I had never been too) ASUKA fusion SUSHI, located right on main street Unionville, a very well known tourist area and it even has a patio so you can enjoy the nice weather out 🙂  Even they say it’s fusion, I think the food they have is pretty traditional, anyways, sushi/sashimi was pretty fresh, other food taste pretty average, price was alright, I would still recommend people to try it out mainly because of the patio.  A couple of things that I DON’T like this place is, there is only 1 waitress, after you make an order, you would prebably have to wait for a long long time for your dishes to come, that’s what happened to us :-p  Also if you want to sit inside the restaurant, you might want to make a reservation first because the inside is very very small 😉

P.S.  you can go to their website and get a 10% off couple for your dine in and take out orders, I found it out after I went so doh…

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May 21 2014


SANSOTEI RAMEN 三草亭, there are 2 locations, the one I went to is located on 179 Dundas St. W, the other one is on 650 Yonge St.  Both places are pretty small and unique.  One thing you have to try is their signature broth – Tonkotsu (豚骨, “pork bone”). It takes hours to cook and they measure the concentration level hourly to ensure that the broth has reached the ideal thickness and texture. Overall, the ramen I had was probably better than the others I have tried on other restaurants, main reason why is because everything was less salty, the taste was very rich and the ramen itself was very chewy, just the way I like it 🙂  Same as all the other ramen restaurants, you also get to choose different kinds of soup base.  The only downside is, I am not sure where you can find parking, I actually took the subway there so, umm…  Anyways, this is a perfect place if you have a ramen craving while you are in downtown, 2 thumbs up!!!

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Mar 15 2014

ZAKKUSHI (Japanese Yakitori Izakaya)

It’s that time of year again, To celebrate Karen birthday, we picked ZAKKUSHI a Japanese izakaya located in downtown Toronto. I actually passed by this place a few times and never knew this place is actually quite nice and spacious. The atmosphere is bascially like the other izakaya, once you go in they would greet you loudly and food are mostly BBQ stuffs. In my opinion, food is not the greatest compare to some others but still a very good place to try, as long as the fun factor is there, everything should be good B-) We did make a reservation because we had quite a lot of people but even if you have only a couple, I think you should make one too because this place is also very packed most of the time.

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Dec 11 2013

Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen has been around for sometime and it was my first time there…  I was actually quite amused by the location of the restaurant because it is located in a very enclosed area in downtown Toronto where surprisingly a lot of similar types of restaurants nearby.  Inside of the restaurant is quite unique and modern, although it is a tiny space but it actually feels quite large due to its tall ceiling.  Like other Japanese IZAKAYA or other noodles places, the workers will greet you once you enter the restaurant which gives you a very warm home coming feel.  Because it is a Japanese noodles soup restaurant, the menu is very simple and I just love the way you can choose the thickness of their rich and flavourful soup base of your choice.  Not to mention, they do have something like rice, noodle soup bowl and a drink combos for a very affordable price.  I was pretty satisfied with my rice and noodle soup, the portion is just right for me, not too much noodles and just enough toppings.  This is a highly recommended place to go in my opinion but there is only one catch, parking is a bitch since it is in a very compact enclosed area in downtown, there is a big chance that you might have to park really really far away from the restaurant, which might end up with a very long walk, not cool during winter 😛  But if anyone is going there, can I car pool?  hehe

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