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Oct 27 2012

Halloween Party 2012

It was an event that we had been waiting for, cosplay time of the year, Halloween Party 2012!!!  It has been a long time since the last gathering event like this, everyone had to dress up for the occasion and had tons of fun.  We decided to have the party this weekend instead of on the actual Halloween day which is the coming Wednesday so we could spend more time to have more fun :-p  Seriously, I think some of us looked even better than their normal looks after they are dressed up in costumes, hehe  and you can tell some costumes really fit their personality perfectly, just take a look at Grace, Emily, Karen, Marcus and some others including me, seems like the costumes really reflect our inner selves to the real world, hahaha.  Anyways, we had a blast, food was amazing, games were fun to play and the fun time/minutes was high 😀  I am sure we will do it again next year since this was a success, thanks Cheryl for setting this event up, and of course a BIG THANKS to Corolla for spending the time to make me a Waldo costume, YAY!!!

a full album on my facebook link here

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Feb 11 2012

Marcus’s first time (的第一次)(part2)

As most people know, little Marcus is afraid of everything that moves, so as a 4 year old, he had never tried those rides (機動遊戲) at the malls.  Today, he was brave enough to give those a try at Hillquest Mall, now you might wonder why all of a sudden he wanted to try something he was afraid of?  Well, it was because of “Wonderland” :p  Marcus wanted to go Wonderland someday so Karen told little Marcus he should get a feel of those rides at the malls first, so we went :p  The end result turned out pretty good, at least he didn’t scream like I expected hehe.

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Oct 28 2011

Karen Ling!!!

A very short short visit, I never thought someone would come from Hong Kong and visits Toronto for less than 10 days then leaves…  Well, there’s a perfect example hehe :p  She was packed with appointments while here, AND I was SOOO lucky I could squeeze into her tight schedule and had breakfast with her at phoenix on Bayview :p

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Oct 23 2011

Halloween Costume Fasion Show by Marcus

A good preparation before Halloween good, choosing the perfect outfit was a must!!!  I had dinner over at Karen’s house, and Little Marcus came out with an idea that he should try out all the Halloween outfits.  So there he was…

P.S.  At the end, he chose the tigger outfit for Halloween 🙂

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Jun 15 2010

Richmond Hill Green with Marcus :p

Went to Richmond Hill Green with Marcus and Karen, did quite a lot of picture test there with Marcus, with the sunset, perfect to test out the color settings on my camera 😀

this is only a few of them, here is a full gallery at my facebook page 😀

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