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Barbecue or barbeque (common spelling variant)[1] (with abbreviations BBQ, Bar-B-Q and Barbie), used chiefly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia (called Braai in South Africa) is a method and apparatus for cooking meat, poultry and occasionally fish with the heat and hot smoke of a fire, smoking wood, or hot coals of charcoal.

May 26 2012

First BBQ 2012

It was a small BBQ gathering for us to meet the bride mates and friends at Sunny’s house for Peter and Kelly’s wedding.  The weather was super nice, not too hot and not humid, as usual, we had our BBQ on charcoal because we like the different taste.  Anyways, it was a fun day, lots of chatting and Kinect after dinner :p  Took only a few pictures, hope you guys like them 😀

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Jul 31 2011

Civic Holiday weekend BBQ

Thank god the weather wasn’t extremely hot this weekend, at least there was wind and some clouds. We were hoping to have a BBQ gathering before Anita leaves Toronto before her long vacation ends in about 3 weeks.   The kids (Anita’s daughter Ella, her cousin Evy, Karen’s son Marcus and Grace’s daughter Emily) really had a blast because they had an awesome time playing water, if the pool was bigger, I would have jumped in really :p  And of course, many thx to Karen for all the yummy food plus she spent the whole afternoon cooking for us 😀

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Jul 03 2011

Canada Day long weekend BBQ

Sunny and Karry invited us to their other house in Stouville for a BBQ this long weekend.  A perfect chance to get together with some old friends for some long chats 😀  The day started very very hot, but it was getting cooler and cooler into the night.  Perfect day for BBQ except the fact that the house is right beside a lake, so we got tons of mosquito flying around but we didn’t have a problem with that because Rayco brought us a electric bugs killer racket and we killed at least 200+ flying buys :p  Anyways, that was surely super fun, lets take a look at some of the picture I took there 😀

here is a facebook link if you are interested to see more 😀

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Jun 05 2011

OMG, finally a BBQ outdoor!!!

The weather is soo weird this year, it was rainy and cold for so long after the last winter, and finally it’s warm enough to have an outdoor BBQ 😀  Queenie was nice enough to host a BBQ party at her house and I get to see her cats, yay!!!  Anyways, the day was very sunny and we have so much food and FUN!!  Oh, I brought my flash with me so the pictures should be a lot more clear for the cats this time 😀

Of course there are tons more on my facebook, please go

Enjoy 😀

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May 08 2011

Mother’s Day BBQ

Most of my friends know that my parents are not in Toronto right now, so for this mother’s day, I was invited to a Mother’s day BBQ, first BBQ this year and the weather was super nice 😀  The food was awesome, the way how the food was marinated was amazing as always, of course big thanks to Karen for that, she definitely got that from her mom hehe.  Anyways, lets take a look at the yummy food I had today 😀

Those are just food pictures, if you want to see the full album, please go to my facebook link here 😀

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