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Nov 01 2014

Grace + Cindy’s Birthday party at Cheryl’s

Perfect timing at a perfect place, finally we could have a small little house party with only friends :-P, our lovely Cheryl provided her place to have a celebration for Grace’s birthday and Cindy’s coming soon.  The most funny part was, it was Grace that asked for a party herself at Cheryl’s and she even bought herself a cake LOL.  Big thanks to Cheryl for letting us mess up her place, Karen for making us a super yummy ox tail pot, Ruby for her tasty chicken wings and of course, the kids for not bothering us at all, and of course Grace for buying us a cake, not breaking anything LOL.  We really enjoyed the chatty night, something that we haven’t done for quite a while and hope that there will be more to come in the near future just like the old times 🙂

Wishing Grace and Cindy a Happy happy birthday and everyday will be better and better 🙂

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Aug 31 2014

Labor Day weekend gathering 2014

Happy to spend a gathering day with my friends on Labor day weekend and of course we are soo glad that Cheryl would let us mess up her place 😛  And big thanks to Macy for spending the time preparing our sashimi for the night, it took a LONG time to prepare because I was there 😛  It wasn’t just a typical night with regular food, sashimi was awesome and our hotpot really top the night.  To be honest, it was my first time having hotpot with cheese and I am sure I keep that in mind because it tasted soo good.  And at the end, we had baked KITKAT, heard about it but never had, it was yummy yum yum good 🙂

Usually back in the days, we would have stayed and karaoke after, maybe I am getting old so were the others, we ended the day early but it was definitely a memorable night for us 🙂  Thanks Cheryl, Macy and Shu for making this happen, hope we’ll do it again soon 🙂

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Aug 25 2014

Home of Hot-Taste

Chicken chicken and chicken, everything is chicken in this restaurant, can you believe it?  Home of Hot-Taste, located in Thornhill area, Yonge st. and Clark ave.  Although it was my first time trying this restaurant but I already felt in love with it mainly because chicken is my favorite meat and it’s Korean 🙂  To be honest, just by looking at the front door I wouldn’t have thought there was treasure behind it, tho we only ordered 3 dishes but I was so satisfied with everything they’ve got .  Spicy chicken and octopus, deep fried chicken and chicken kidneys, I was like in heaven LOL.  Not to mention, their beer is like $3.5 each, not a bad price 🙂  Anyways, the place is not super size but perfect to have a few friends chat loud and enjoy their food and beer, definitely have to try it out if you haven’t 🙂

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Jul 26 2014

BIG BBQ 2014

Is it a tradition or not?  A BIG BBQ at Cheryl’s house, this year we had 30+ people attended, a little less than last year but still pretty big 🙂  I missed a few previous parties so I was really looking forward to see my friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.  One special guest, Anita and her daughter came back from Hong Kong for a short visit.

I remember back in the days, we used to drink (alcohol) like crazy but we are not in our 20s now, so we didn’t drink much this time, hehe  The weather was super nice, we actually had concerns that it might rain but it didn’t, tons of food, lots of catching up with each others and of course it was a total madness with the kids playing bubbles 😛  At the end of the night, our stomachs were filled, some even got take out because there was just soo much food left, I couldn’t even describe the level of fun we had, just take a look at the smile/laugh in my pictures.  Huge thanks to Auntie for preparing everything and of course Cheryl for making this to happen 🙂  Hopefully we can have another party like this on the next weekend, hehe

there are more pictures here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152546127475211.1073741839.689775210&type=1&l=687a95f6fb

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Dec 25 2012

Christmas Day Hotpot 2012!!!

On this Christmas Day, we decided to have our biggest hotpot dinner we had ever had in 2012 at Karen’s house.  Karen and Grace had to bring the kids to see Disney on ice in downtown, so me and Simon along with others had to get this hotpot dinner ready in the afternoon.  There were a few things that we never had in our hotpots home style, like the chicken wings end (雞翼尖), Hong Kong Style fish balls (彈牙街邊魚蛋) and a few misc. things 😀  We had a great time of course, but I think the happiest person of the night was Marcus, because he got to open all the gifts at the end of the night, hehe.

Unfortunately, Marcus got a very bad paper cut opening the gifts at the end of the night…  hope his finger will be ok soon 😛  Anyhow, happy holidays to everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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