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We talk about your work how your boss is a jerk We talk about your church and your head when it hurts We talk about the troubles you've been having with your brother About your daddy and your mother and your crazy ex-lover We talk about your friends and the places that you've been We talk about your skin and the dimples on your chin The polish on your toes and the run in your hose And God knows we're gonna talk about your clothes You know talking about you makes me smile But every once in awhile I wanna talk about me Wanna talk about I Wanna talk about number one Oh my me my What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see I like talking about you you you you, usually, but occasionally I wanna talk about meeeeee (me,me,me,me-background singers) I wanna talk about me (me,me-background singers) Artist/Band: Keith Toby Lyrics for Song: I Wanna Talk About Me

Jul 18 2008

Victorious Secret – WoW Guild that I joined

I have joined this guild for almost 9 months, met a lot of nice people there (Dathas, Samus, Kat, Kiks and Beer etc.). The guild is not the same like the one I was in years ago. My old guild OR (Obscured Reasoning) was an extreme hard core WoW guild, on the other hand, VS (Victorious Secret) is more casual which I enjoy the most atm. I am pleased to be the mage officer there and people seems to like what I have been doing so far. I used to be a mage officer in OR but back in the days, it was extremely stressful compare to where I am at now.

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