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Whenever there is food - Food is any substance[1] consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism's cells in an effort to produce energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth.

Nov 25 2014

Sogong-Dong Tofu House

Oh my god, did anyone know about this place, I was told it has been around for a long while and I didn’t even know it…?  A small unique Korean restaurant located in First Markham place, a very large varieties of Tofu soup dishes to choose from.  Personally, I don’t eat tofu very often but a bowl of tofu in spicy meat soup along with a bowl of stone pot rice completely changed the way I look at tofu.  Umm well, I eat anything spicy LOL.  This is just perfect for the cold weather, everything there would warm your stomach and body 🙂  One more thing tho, it has a very typical problem most Korean restaurant has, very slow service, so just beware 🙂

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Nov 20 2014

SAKE + hotpot gathering

As you all know, we would put together small gatherings from time to time, our friend Cheryl came up with an events, a SAKE + hotpot gathering.  The highlight of the night was our SAKE which costs around $150, and of course we had to have something to eat, so she decided to put together a hotpot dinner as well, a very special sukiyaki hotpot 🙂  Of course food tasted amazingly good, so was the SAKE 😉  Didn’t really take a lot of pictures because I was too busy eating, hehe.  Sadly for our host, the smell of our hotpots was everywhere, guess she had to sleep with the smell for a few days 😛  but it was a true blessing to see some of our friends we hadn’t seen for a while, great catching up and all, yay!!!  Now it’s time to plan for our next gathering, should be huge because X’mas is coming up 😛

P.S.  To host something like this takes hours of preparation, not to mention Cheryl had to go to 4 different supermarkets to get all the food too.  So big thank you 🙂

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Nov 04 2014

duo pâtisserie&café

pictures added 14 Nov 2014

Woah, another good find in Markham area, a very unique little dessert place which is in a very convenient location, on 230 Commerce Valley Dr. E, Unit 4, a little dessert place called “duo pâtisserie&café” (noted, don’t think the website is ready yet but you can visit their facebook page here  Its probably one of the first of it’s kind in the area, similar to Nadège Patisserie on Queen if you know where that is, with famous tasteful macaroons and croissants along with a few other desserts and specialty coffees.  I am not a very dessert person but the first time I was there I was already fallen in love with their desserts.  Not to mention the looks is very mouth watering, and the taste just fits my taste buds, not too sweet compare to a lot of similar places. If  you are looking for a goodnight dessert before bed, I think this is the perfect place in the area.  Anyways, here are some pictures I took while I was there, and yea, go try it and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

p.s. hey I was the first one to use their credit card machine 😛

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Sep 27 2014

SANTORINI Mediterranean Cuisine

I won’t say this is the best of it’s kind but surely it is different from what I would try normally, SANTORINI Mediterranean Cuisine, a restaurant that imported all their ingredients from Greek and serve using high-quality products such as Black Angus Beef and fresh seafood with a very inviting atmosphere. I am so glad we could try something out of our usual appetite for Simon’s Birthday this year 🙂  The restaurant is huge, very easy to spot, location is right on Bayview Ave. and John st., outside of Thornhill square.  Menu is nice and simple, I was told their fish dishes are the best but too bad I don’t eat fish but our appetizers were very impressive and so was my steak. yum yum 🙂

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Aug 31 2014

Labor Day weekend gathering 2014

Happy to spend a gathering day with my friends on Labor day weekend and of course we are soo glad that Cheryl would let us mess up her place 😛  And big thanks to Macy for spending the time preparing our sashimi for the night, it took a LONG time to prepare because I was there 😛  It wasn’t just a typical night with regular food, sashimi was awesome and our hotpot really top the night.  To be honest, it was my first time having hotpot with cheese and I am sure I keep that in mind because it tasted soo good.  And at the end, we had baked KITKAT, heard about it but never had, it was yummy yum yum good 🙂

Usually back in the days, we would have stayed and karaoke after, maybe I am getting old so were the others, we ended the day early but it was definitely a memorable night for us 🙂  Thanks Cheryl, Macy and Shu for making this happen, hope we’ll do it again soon 🙂

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