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Aug 17 2013


Yes, it was that time of the year again and thanks my good friends for a birthday dinner celebration for me and Ruby!!!  Another great Japanese restaurant pick located in downtown Toronto again, KINGYO (金魚) 🙂  I have to say out of all Japanese restaurants I have tried, this one probably has the most comfortable seats out of all.  Tho it says izakaya (Japanese grilled), they don’t really have a lot izakaya to choose from but what I like the most was, everything tasted not as salty as the other izakaya and their sushi/sashimi tasted very good as well as their presentation.  I would recommend this place to friends especially if you are looking to find a izakaya restaurant which is not as noisy so you can actually chat with your friends, and not to mention, the place is actually quite large, hehe.  If you are interested to try this place out, I believe you will have to make a reservation AND you will only have 2 hours of eat time or they WILL kick you out, just a friendly reminder 😛

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Jun 27 2013

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Toronto (山頭火)

A very small Japanese Ramen Restaurant with a very big taste!!!  91 Dundas St E, Down Town Toronto, not hard to find, extremely easy if you take the subway, just exit Dundas station and walk outside from Eaton Center.  I was quite surprised about the pretty displays ramen bowls in their windows and everything looked pretty neat from the outside, on the other hand, inside is very basic and kind of dull but once I saw the varieties of ramen on their menu, my eyes almost popped out.  I believe all the ramen are the same size, unlike those huge portions ones we tried in the other places, I totally love their bowl size 😛  I have to admit, I love their noodles along with their meat and my friends love it too BUT we do have a big comment about everything, overall, everything is quite salty really…  Other than that, everything would have been perfect, I when we go next time, we just order things with less salt 😛  Or maybe that’s the overall Japanese style because most I have tried are like this 😛


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May 29 2013


GUU IZAKAYA, yet another very popular izakaya place in Toronto.  What is izakaya?  The name “izakaya” is a compound word consisting of “i” (to stay) and “sakaya” (sake shop), indicating that izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit on the premises to drink.  I haven’t been to a lot izakaya restaurants tho but this one is probably by far the best one I have tried so I don’t think I really have to mention anything about their food.  Location is really not bad because there is a pay parking right across the street and it is not far from Eaton Center if you want to get to downtown early and do a little shopping first then eat 😛  Price wise, ummm, it really depends, I went with 3 other people and at the end was like almost $45 per head including SAKE but I think it was totally worth it since it was my very first time there 😛  Also, one thing I have learned, if you go there, go early or there will be a HUGE lineup anytime after 6 which includes weekdays and they don’t accept reservations.  Anyways, I really had a great time there and here are some of the pictures I took while I was there, enjoy!

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May 23 2013

丹羽亭 NIWATEI Japanese Ramen restaurant

Yet, another Japanese restaurant located in J-Town again, 丹羽亭 NIWATEI, like the previous J-Town restaurants I posted, this place is also a well known Ramen place in uptown.  OK OK, call me a noob like the other posts, it was my first time again hehe, not a lot of choices but it seems like a pretty cool place.  Compare to other Chinese owned Japanese Ramen, of course this is way way better, but I was told the ones in downtown are a lot better, well, I guess I will just have to wait and see because I am not a Ramen person and this one taste pretty good already 😛  For the price around $10, it will fill you up pretty good with their wonderful soup base and noodles.  Oh oh, I almost forgot to mention, they do not do takeouts FYI

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May 14 2013

Izakaya Ju @ J-Town

I am pretty sure a lot of people has already been to this restaurant already but it was actually my first time.  Izakaya Ju @ J-Town, a Japanese style bar and grill. It’s the equivalent of an English pub, where they serve snacks to accompany your drinks. They have many small dishes which are comparatively inexpensive and classical. People can enjoy casually eating and drinking.  Located at 3160 Steeles Ave E, Markham ON, right at the corner of Woodbine and Steeles Ave. east, a perfect Japanese grill in uptown if downtown is too far for you 😛  Price wise is alright, since everything is like snack size, you could end up paying a lot like what we did but you are looking at around $30 with a beer and you are good for the night  😀

I have to admit most Japanese grills taste really good, but after trying a few, I have to say I could only have it once in a while because everything is very salty really…  I guess the whole meaning to these restaurants is snacks and drink a lot 😛  Anyhow, I am still willing to go if anyone is up for it, hehe.

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