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Nov 29 2010


INAKAYA, another super nice Japanese restaurant located on Willowdale and Shepperd in North York.  I had late lunch today, really didn’t expect I would go out for dinner tonight, but Cheryl said she would bring me to INAKAYA, a restaurant that I heard a few times but never been there before, so I had to give this a try :D, can’t resist Japanese food…  This restaurant is small, but everything inside looked very neat, not to mention, lineups every night, so it’s got to be real good :p, just take a look at those yummy food…  btw, that picture with the flame one dish is called volcano beef roll I think 😀

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Aug 14 2010

Korean BBQ at Kazan – Birthday dinner on my actual birthday

You might ask, what do I mean by actual birthday, isn’t it on the 16th?  Of course there is a story behind it, and it should be on the 14th of August instead of the 16th. Anyways, I went out with a few close friends that knew, thanks Karen, Simon, Cheryl, Ruby and Jason for the amazing dinner.  Anyhow, this Kazan Korean BBQ is totally new to me and it is only 5 mins from my house, how delightful :p  The food tastes amazingly good I would definitely recommend this to all my friends for sure.  Here are some pictures I took along with a youtube video 😀

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Apr 03 2010

Sushi Kaji Restaurant

Cheryl, Ruby, Jason and I had omakase at Kaji Japanese Cuisine tonight, I was told the it is a top 10 restaurant in Toronto so we had to give it a try.  Here is an article from

Chef-owner Mitsuhiro Kaji’s peerless command of classic Japanese cuisine combined with well-structured creativity is evident in every morsel of food on his epic omakase menus ($80, $100 or $120). On this night, it all starts with an ethereal, sweet squid cake robed in tender napa cabbage and set in a pool of richly flavoured dashi broth. Snow crab legs and a silky Japanese crab risotto are set off by grilled sea bream topped with sweet nori paste. Kaji juxtaposes delicate and intense flavours and textures in the sashimi and sushi courses, which might be the best in Canada. Outstanding sashimi includes barely charred slices of ocean trout on mitsuba (a Japanese herb), and tender octopus graced with fresh sansho leaves. For sushi, a seasoned sea eel and rice mixture, bound beautifully in a bamboo leaf, is paired with loosely formed squares of rice topped with warm freshwater eel. Everything is cut and assembled by a true master’s hand. Excellent sakes are offered along with Japanese beer and shochu. Service is nimble and alert.

If you want to see more, here is my Facebook link

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Jan 02 2010

Dinner at Chako 02 Jan 2010

A small gathering dinner at Chako with Karen, Tommy, Angel, Grace and Simon, of course they brought their babies with them 😀  As always, the crying part gives me headache…

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Aug 24 2008

Hiro Sushi

I finally got to go to this place, Hiro sushi. Me and Cheryl went there and it was totally unexpected. Most of my friends know that I like good food and Cheryl suggested that we should probably try something new for dinner and there we went 😛 I have tried a few other Japanese food places and that was one of the restaurant on me top list “Hiro Sushi” The place was great and we did watch the chief/owner making us our food. I was amazed how good he is and there is nothing that could compare the chiefs in Richmond Hill 🙂 Anyways, I do have some pictures from the dinner and here is a gallery on my Facebook

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