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Dec 07 2013

Hotpot @ Tony’s house

Woot, hotpot dinner, one of my favorites!!!  Tho it might look very simple to a lot of people but having hotpot needs a lot of preparations, thanks Tony and Jane for preparing everything and providing us a warm place to make this happen and of course, big thanks to our new friend Michael for preparing the seafood (monster crabs) for us as well 🙂  At the end of the night, we left with joy and a full stomach, of course we also shared all the pictures that were taken during out cruise trip and we had a very good laugh at the end 🙂  Thumbs up for 2013 for this one 🙂

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Feb 18 2012

Family Day weekend PotLuck party (18 Feb 2012)

“Definition of Family Day:  In parts of Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday occurring on the third Monday in February. In the provinces of Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, the statutory holiday on this date is instead termed Louis Riel Day and Islander Day, respectively. The timing of Family Day coincides with Presidents Day in the United States.”


It has been really a long time since the last Potluck party I had, luckily enough, I was invited to Cherry and Andrew’s house for for one and as also asked to make my special curry fish balls again, yay!!!  As you probably know, we always have gatherings like this from time to time with my “Logic” buddies 😀  This time, we added one unique member to our gathering, Jane’s sister Jessie.  She made a very very special dish that no words can describe, a specialty dish that was originally from Shanghai China.  Not to mention many different variety of food made by others plus Sushi and Oysters too!!!  And you know what?  It was also Jessie’s Birthday so we prepared a cake for her as well 😀  Overall, a super fun night as always 😀

more on my facebook link here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150676487635211.447283.689775210&type=3&l=c25dec1f02

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Apr 22 2011

Potluck party + more studio test (5)

Well, while my parents are still away, the house parties marathon continues…  This time was a Potluck party with the friends I used to work with years ago at Logic, everyone brought food that they made and we ended up having over 15 different dishes on the table, yummm…  And you know what?  It was also my first time having 5 children in the house, so of course I wouldn’t miss this perfect opportunity to use my camera on them as well :p  Here are some of the best shots I picked for my blog, enjoy 😀

Here is a full album on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150234810800211.359756.689775210&l=da0c8d8fb7

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Feb 20 2011

Doris’s birthday dinner at Tony’s house

Doris’s actual birthday is in a few days but this weekend is a long weekend so we made it early.  A lovely gift for Doris from me of course was to make a her my specialty cake, so I went to Tony’s house early so I would have enough time to prepare.  Once I got there around 3, the food preparation was already started, seeing Tony and Jin so busy working on our nom nom made me realize we would leave their house with a 110% full stomach :p  Of course, it wouldn’t work if only 2 people cooking for soo many people so when Doris arrived, she definitely had to show off her cooking skill 😀  and with their cooking power together, they made soo much good looking/tasty yummy food.  Enough with the talk, please check out the pictures I took 😀

there are tons more on my facebook here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=333839&id=689775210&l=3abc84e308

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Feb 05 2011

Chinese New Year gathering Dinner with old friends (Logic)

I was invited to Cherry’s place for the Chinese New Year gathering Dinner,  of course from time to time, my ex co-workers from Logic would have gatherings either at Doris, Tony or Cherry’s place.  Every time when we have a gathering, we would have a blast for sure 😀  We spent hours chatting to each other, updating everything that was going on in our lifes for hours.  Oh and it was my first time seeing Cherry’s second daughter as well :p  Anyways, they liked the cake I made so I am super happy 😀 and the food was awesome 😀  well, consider someone that doesn’t cook that much can cook something for us (points at Cherry), I was like Wooh!!!!  And check out Bernice’s outfit, isn’t she cute :p

check out my facebook album here for more fun at the dinner http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=329231&id=689775210&l=7a427f9174

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