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Apr 07 2012

Little Emilie’s Birthday

Time ran by fast, little Emilie is already 3 years old and Grace and Simon decided to celebrate on the Easter weekend.  I know it was a long day for them because they had to go to a Easter egg hunt thingie really early in the morning in Aurora.  Anyways, I remember there were soo many kids at Emilie’s birthday party last year and it was giving me a headache.  This year, not a lot of kids, which was a good thing because we could finally get to chat a little without kids running around like crazy :p  Overall, it was a very fun night 😀

Here is a full album on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150786486250211.463037.689775210&type=1&l=92ff4bb92d

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Mar 11 2012


It was Valerie’s 1 year old birthday a couple weeks ago and I invited Rosanna, David and little Valerie to my basement studio to have some pictures taken.  It was my very first time having a studio session with a 1 year old, it would have been a mess if I didn’t have any helpers there, so many thanks to Karen and little Marcus.  They also brought their own babies toys and clothes to make this event happen, took David 4 rounds to get everything from the car so you pretty much have an idea how much preparation that was.

How hard it is to take photos for a 1 year old?  Seriously, I thought it was easy but after the first 10 mins of the photo shoot, I realized there were a few issues that I wasn’t aware of, e.g. babies crawl super fast, they will not listen to you and super hard to get the right facial expression etc.  And after 2 hrs of the photo shoot, 550 pictures were taken, everyone was exhausted, Valerie even felt asleep right after. Anyways, I finally got the time to pick out the right pictures for my facebook and blog, they actually turned out pretty good considering that was my first time :p

Here is a link to the full album on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150718363925211.453476.689775210&type=3&l=d50fbf2a9f

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Feb 19 2012

Family Day weekend and Valerie is one year old! (19 Feb 2012)

Valerie will be one year old in a few days and I was lucky enough to be invited to her early birthday party this family day weekend.  A lot of the parents were invited, fortunately not many kids were there so I didn’t get any headaches and it was a total relief for me :p  Poor David, Valerie’s dad is stuck at work in Montreal so he didn’t get to join us for the fun but thanks to modern technology, with video conferencing, he got to see all the action going on over the internet real time 😀  Anyways, we first had our awesome dinner, then it was time for the birthday cakes, one ice-cream cake and one mousse with little cartoon characters in them.  Gift unwrapping was another big scene of the night and little Marcus was such a big help ripping all the gifts apart :p  Seriously, I never thought a kid’s birthday party could be this fun :p

Full album on my facebook link here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150677273285211.447387.689775210&type=3&l=7a35668b20

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Dec 25 2011

Christmas 2011

Everything started off slow on Christmas Day because of last night’s party – X’mas Eve 2011, went home at 430 this morning, woke up at around noon, grabbed something to eat from the fridge then started doing some laundry.  Tried to relax as much as possible because I wasn’t sobered at 100% when I got up :p  Anyways, Karen’s party started early for the kids mainly, me as an adult that don’t like to play with kids got there around 6 :p  The party was awesome with the cutest kids Valerie and Emily, Grace, 福仔, 肥媽 and Simon were playing Mahjong upstairs, great food from 潮州館 @ Bayview and MajorMac., Karen made turkey and we even had a X’mas cake as dessert 😀  Simon and Marcus even dressed in Santa’s suits when they gave out presents to the kids, and of course, some didn’t have the patience opened theirs right away :p  Thanks Karen and Simon for organizing this party, awesome night with plenty of laughters and joy for this year’s X’mas!!!

I took tons of pictures, if you want to see the full album, please go to my facebook link here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150546982315211.429972.689775210&type=1&l=c4448cf100

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Sep 05 2011

Karen and Simon’s house warming party :D

Karen and Simon’s house is finally ready, what a perfect timing for a great gathering party on a labour day long weekend!!!  I am pretty sure the happiest people there was the kids, just take a look at the pictures, and yes, tons of kids …  Anyway, the weather had been weird the whole week, luckily, it didn’t rain when we had the BBQ.  Many many THANKS to Karen for preparing the food and putting together this event of course 😀  Here are some of the footage below, if you want to see more, go to my facebook link here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150363473415211.399877.689775210&l=5098b5e768&type=1

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