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May 12 2012

kon-nichi-wa Japanese Restaurant

Another good restaurant find in downtown, kon-nichi-wa Japanese Restaurant.  We were supposed to go to another one but too bad it was not open to public yet so we went to this one instead which is a like 20 steps away.  Everything in downtown is good including this, cute small restaurant with a very unique character, plus food quality is quite nice, all fishies were very fresh unfortunately, I am not too impressed about those cooked dishes tho, maybe they are just too regular in many places but still a pretty good place for a nice dinner tho 😀

Not to mention I was actually quite surprised there are soo many different kinds of restaurants in the area and I can tell you, I will someday try them all if I have a chance :p

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Apr 04 2012

草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper’s glamour on stage)

The concert we were waiting for was finally here, 草蜢華麗舞台演唱會 (Grasshopper’s glamour on stage) located at Ricoh Coliseum and soo many friends were there too 😀  They started with slow songs then slowly moved into fast songs, at the half way point, the whole concert was already turned into a dance party and most people were on their feet dancing even the older people too, haha :p  Overall, it was a very funny and excited concert with a lot of old time favorites.  Too bad there was no encore at the end and because of that, after the concert was finished, we headed to Karaoke, since a few of us expected to have a late night concert and took the day off work the next day :p

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Dec 24 2011

X’mas Eve 2011

Christmas means PARTIES, that’s what it says in my dictionary.  We decided to have a Christmas Eve party at Cheryl’s house and of course, we have to thank her parents’ kindness and understanding, letting us to have a long loud night party there.  We wanted the party to be simple so no one made anything, all the food was ordered from a few restaurants in that Chinese plaza (新旺角) on 8306-8362 Kennedy Rd. Markham.  After a full stomach of the amazing good food, time for the highlight of the night, Karaoke and drinking in the basement :p  We kind of started off slowly in the beginning, as the time flew deeper and deeper into the late night, the alcohol was running out fast :p  With our stuffed stomachs, some how we managed to finish most of the alcohol at the end of the night, it was fun fun fun, no words can describe it really :p

Here is a link to my facebook for a full album http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150545506690211.429661.689775210&type=1&l=2acc0b2fa7

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Oct 09 2011

Thanks Giving Long Weekend

Thanks Cheryl for putting together a thanks giving party in her house this long weekend.  Luckily, there were no kids, YAY!!!  Oysters, tons of oysters, Karen made tons of food and of course, the alcohol!!!  It was a totally awesome night, the fun we haven’t had for a long time, tons of drinking involved :p

Here are a link to all the pictures on my facebook 😀  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150410155430211.409288.689775210&l=8ab68e040e&type=1


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Jul 01 2011

Canada Day 2011

I remember last year on Canada, we had a BBQ party in Cheryl’s house, this year, same place but take outs instead :p  We figured we didn’t want to spend too much time on preparing food and we could enjoy the air conditioning inside the house since the weather is super hot…  If you look at the pictures below, hope your jaw doesn’t drop because we did have lots of food and at the end, each one of us got to take home 2 boxes each, hehe  Oh btw, thx the ladies for spending the time to open all the oysters for us 😀 and they tasted really good, special thx to Cheryl for getting those 😀

more pictures on my facebook link here as well 😀  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150306682735211.382427.689775210&l=c74c1e6c5c

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