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Jun 25 2015

The BIG day!!!

After a month of packing, finally, we were moving out of the mansion, the house was way too big for the 3 of us, with the perfect timing for the real estate market, we could get 2 houses out of this too.

There were soo many problems we ran into, parents didn’t want to throw away anything was the number 1 problem, because of that, it also created a butter fly effect.  Problem number 2 was, the house we were moving in was way too small for everything we had…  Problem number 3 was, it also took forever to unpack everything (things we use day to day).

As I mentioned, we got 2 houses, one for my parents and one for myself.  We had to use up all the space in my parents house as a storage for my house, so the garage is totally stuffed with only inches to spare, all the bedrooms are also stuffed, no house guests are welcome at the moment because walking around is a big problem…  Not to mention, we also had a storage unit full of stuffs to move to this house as well…

But at the end, I was happy, just weeks later, I will have my own cozy place that belongs to myself, I can do whatever I want and no one will disturb or interrupt, YAY!!!  Making Step 1 to happen was a big thing, I am sure the steps to follow are even more challenging and exciting but I am looking forward to it!!!

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Feb 04 2013

Dinner at 輝煌閣 (Royal TeaHouse Dim Sum Specialist)

I had to decide where to take my uncle for a nice Chinese dinner out and I wanted to try out something different  so instead of going somewhere that I have already been to, I decided to go 輝煌閣 (Royal TeaHouse Dim Sum Specialist) , as I was told they are not only good at dim sums, their dinner should be very good as well.  It turned out everything we ordered was pretty good, lobster was tendered, fish was cooked just right, the chicken was just the way I liked and price wise, for about $100 CAD for 4 of us was actually not bad compare to Hong Kong my uncle said 😛  Anyways, if you want to make a reservation, 905.946.1898 is their number, and in case you don’t know where it is, their address is 10 Applecreek Blvd., Building B, Unit 3, Markham, ON, L3R 5Z1 (Woodbine Ave. and Applecreek Blvd.)

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May 09 2011

Parents’ vacation is fucking pissing me off…

Parents’ vacation is fucking pissing me off…

1.  Didn’t tell me their phone no. in Hong Kong, then I had to find out from someone else…  not to mention they never called after arrival…
2.  Didn’t tell me mom broke her arm on the first day in hotel, found that out from someone else after like 10 days…  not to mention they were going to come right back to Toronto because it is free to see doctors here, they weren’t even thinking about paying a doctor in HK to get argent treatment…  being fucking cheap pissed me even more…
3.  Didn’t tell me anything about their traveling schedule and there is no way I can find them…  Asked my young uncle in HK, told me he couldn’t find them either… Tried to call them and the fucking phone wasn’t even ringing…  originally booked a ticket to come back on 25th, but fucking uncle is coming on 21st.  So what should I fucking do, I want to invite more friends to party at my house, but I don’t even know when the fuck they will come back…
4. I am already paying some of the bills at home, they left some $$$ but not even enough to pay the rest… so they expect me to pay those? FUCK…

I feel like they are purposely making me look bad in front of my relatives, being cheap is one of them, if I had no fucking relatives, I wouldn’t even whine about these things really… Most of my friends know the relationship between me and my parents, we don’t talk, we don’t eat together, we don’t even look at each other, we even look the other way if we walk towards each other, it has been like that for years… I only do the minor things that a son should do, nothing more, think I fucking care about it? fuck no…

Seriously, keep living like this depresses me, I like to live alone where I have my own domain, not to take shit from no fucking assholes/bitches… Moving out just like that will make me look real bad because of how my fucking relatives look at the situation and the way they expect me to do… Being the only son is painful when you have parents like that. Not to mention, I even gained weight and slept tons better after they left, is there a reason? All my friends know me what kind of a person I am, there is only one problem in my life right now. What is it? well, you guessed it, my fucking parents are in my fucking nerves…

Anyways, just wanted to whine about it because I am getting frustrated of the fucking bills and whether if I should plan parties on the weekends or not… FUCKing die you mother fucking cheap ass fucking annoying old fucking fuck pricks FUCK assholes…

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Sep 13 2010

An example of my hate

Most of my friends know I don’t get along with my parents at all, but being the only son, there isn’t much I can do.  We fight and argue all the time over little things and most people think little things doesn’t necessarily make me mad.  What if there is one little thing everyday, then there are 30 little things in a month, is it still considered little?  Here is a perfect example of my hate over some of the stupid things my parents do at home.

there are only me and my parents living in this house, take a look of what’s inside my fridge, it is a viking, industrial size, over 30 cubic litre, the food inside is enough for at least 10 people for 10 days, not to mention the freezer is already full of frozen meat.  And I don’t understand why they keep stuffing the fridge and freezer, why not just cook everything fresh, they go to the supermarket everyday anyways…

ok, this is my way over my borderline, they bought way too much, when they can’t stuff the fridge no more, they start putting things in the wine cooler…

Keep it in mind, I don’t eat at home, so only my parents cook in this house, they just don’t make any sense to me really.  This is one of the examples why I fight with them all the time…  fucking retards…

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May 23 2010

So it is my fault?

So it is my fault to mention when I see dirty dishes that are washed already?

So it is my fault to mention the spills because she pretends she doesn’t see it?

So it is my fault to keep everything organized and clean?

So it is my fault to learn how to cook and she doesn’t want to?

So it is my fault to bitch about things when I have to do everything in the house?

So it is my fault to hire a house cleaner when I alone can’t take care of a 7k sqft house?

So it is my fault to replace old/faulty stuffs when I am the one paying?

So it is my fault to have good friends who care about me?

So it is my fault to admit I have problems but they are always 100% right?

So it is my fault to stress myself out when they just don’t listen?

So it is my fault to comment on what is wrong?

There are tons more of what I am being blamed for, I just don’t want to keep writing more of those because you get the idea…  They came back for 4 days only and we had 2 huge fights already, sigh, when will this end…  I was soo happy while they were not around for those 6 weeks and look at the changes…

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