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Dec 16 2013

Old friends gathering at 華星餐廳 (Chi Star House)

Woah, it had been a long time since we had a gathering with my old colleagues from Logic.  Julian’s came back and brought our old buddies back together once again, woah, when I think about it, it has already been 5 years!!!  Just like old times, everyone haven’t changed much, we talk LOUD and laugh LOUD, Thomas is fat, Ray is wearing T-shirt ONLY during cold weather, Darlie has his goatee still, Cherry laughs all the time, Doris is annoying, Stephen still tries to be funny and Julian looks like Julian 5 years ago still :-P.  華星餐廳 (Chi Star House) was a perfect place to have a nice dinner in a VIP room.  Food was nice but of course we all enjoyed our chatting more than anything hehe.

here is a link to a full resolution of the picture with all of us https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mlqvrXUFhGMWM5UGIzcVRTY0E/edit?usp=sharing

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May 19 2013

Victoria Day Long Weekend 2013

My Victoria Day weekend was awesome, went to 2 house parties in 1 day which was just a blast!!!  First stop was a very last decision that Peter was going to host a small lunch BBQ at his house, it was a perfect gathering since me and Sunny hadn’t seen Peter and Kelly for a while and not to mention I was sure auntie would make good food as well!!!  Anyhow, after a few hours of being in the direct sun and stuffed stomachs, I headed to my second stop to my old colleague Doris’s house.  Surprisingly, Ray, who doesn’t show up at our gatherings very often was there too 😛  I really thought I wasn’t going to eat much but with what was on the table, huge sushi plate, a super juicy roast beef by Regina and a few more things made by Doris, not to mention we also had a birthday cake at the end of the night because it is Tony and Regina’s birthday next week, I was soo sure I would gain at least 3 pounds when I left 😛  Anyways, it was a total blast over this weekend just take a look at some of the best moments I captured 😛

for a full album, please visit my facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151619145490211.1073741826.689775210&type=1&l=56c5a8bb65

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Jan 20 2013

Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴)

To celebrate Mathew and Betty’s super cute new born, I was invited to their dinner celebration at Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴), a restaurant that is made for Chinese fine dinning, also a great gathering reunion with my old colleagues too 🙂  Did really have a close look at the baby because he was sleeping most of the time even with loud noise surrounded but I did take a few pictures while he was awake.  The night was busy because I had to run around and take pictures, of course I also had to find time to enjoy the food as well 😛  Food was very good consider this was a once in a while occasions dinner which we don’t get to try from day to day life, just take a look at the amazing pictures below and you would know what I mean 😀

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Feb 20 2011

Doris’s birthday dinner at Tony’s house

Doris’s actual birthday is in a few days but this weekend is a long weekend so we made it early.  A lovely gift for Doris from me of course was to make a her my specialty cake, so I went to Tony’s house early so I would have enough time to prepare.  Once I got there around 3, the food preparation was already started, seeing Tony and Jin so busy working on our nom nom made me realize we would leave their house with a 110% full stomach :p  Of course, it wouldn’t work if only 2 people cooking for soo many people so when Doris arrived, she definitely had to show off her cooking skill 😀  and with their cooking power together, they made soo much good looking/tasty yummy food.  Enough with the talk, please check out the pictures I took 😀

there are tons more on my facebook here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=333839&id=689775210&l=3abc84e308

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