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Jun 06 2013

PhoPadThai (越泰盞)

PhoPadThai (越泰盞) is opened not long ago in that Asian food plaza at Apple Creek and Woodbine Ave Markham. where it used to be called WoodStone (森石).  As you can tell by their name, they serve a combination of Vietnamese and Thai food.  I am never a Thai food fan but instead, I love Viet Pho, since it is not very far from my work place, I had already been there twice and I would say they are actually not bad.  If you order their Viet Pho noodles, you get to choose fresh or regular noodle which you won’t find that in most Vietnamese restaurants.  Taste wise, ummm, there are really a lot of other competitors out there in Toronto really but usually what I look for is the details of the way they sliced their food, just take a look at the pictures below, they all taste the same really, if they are under the expectations, then their business will not last.  But I can say, this place is really not bad, at least I didn’t taste any MSG and their stir fried beef, spring rolls and my noodle made my stomach very satisfied 😛

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Mar 14 2013

越潮越式美食(Pho Trend Vietnamese Restaurant)

this restaurant no longer there 🙁
If you like Vietnamese, ever get tired of eating at the same Vietnamese restaurant all the time?  Here is another option you can try, 越潮越式美食(Pho Trend Vietnamese Restaurant) located at Highway 7 and Warden, right across HSBC.  Restaurants are soo competitive in Toronto nowadays, sometimes food quality is so high that not only food has to be good, the design of the interior matters as well, if you are looking to find a modern/comfy Vietnamese Restaurant, this is a very good choice really 😀  But the down side is, if you live in Toronto area you would know, finding a parking space in that plaza is not easy, I go to the same plaza in the day for lunch at least once a week and I rather get take out instead because of the lack of parking space, and that is why you see the picture below was taken at night hehe.

越潮 front door

越潮 front door

Didn’t know they have a lunch special menu, just take a look at the combinations you can have above, hehe.  I am glad that I tried it because it’s inexpensive and tastes really good, everyone should definitely try 😀

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Apr 29 2011

Surprise visit from an old friend :D

Surprise visit from an old friend, who?  An old primary school classmate Clara Tam, we haven’t seen each other for at least 24 years, if you remember, I had a post http://www.karlng.com/blog/?p=1869 about Ricky Ho’s visit, who was also Clara’s classmate at one point.  Why was it a surprise?  She sent me a message on facebook on Wednesday night, and was in Toronto on Thursday, so do you call it a surprise then?  hehe.  Anyways, me and Sunny took her to my favorite place (Moxies) for a delicious dinner on Friday, then we came back to my house to play around in my studio and waited for Raymond to show up.  Of course we took some group pictures together, but we had to shoot using a timer shutter and of course, we created some hilarious pictures to show you, more like bloopers :p

BTW, we are really happy to see old friends that would like to come visit us in Toronto, if any of you want to come visit us, you are always welcome to 😀

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Apr 10 2011

Home Studio test 2

Over the last weekend, a few of my friends (Cheryl, Raymond and Sunny) came over to my home studio and did a few tests.  With a little photoshop skill, here is the test result 😀  Of course, I have to thank them because when you see me in the picture, that means the Photographers were them, not me.  Please feel free to give me comments because I am still learning :p  Hopefully I will get better in the future 😀

tons more on my facebook here 😀  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=348562&id=689775210&l=ab61e8e645

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Jul 14 2010

3D video test (2x Canon 550D T2i)

I had been wanting to do this for a long time, as most of my friends know, I have recently bought a 550D, so did my friend Raymond.  Then I borrowed a mount from a friend that would allow me to mount the 2 cameras together, went to Raymond’s house so I could use his camera to do this test.  Having 2 exactly the same cameras and lens would allow me to take footage, just like our left and right eye, then I used Adobe Premiere to make this video.  Left eye footage on the right and right eye footage on the left, uploaded to youtube using the tag yt3d:enable=true  yt3d:aspect=16:9, that’s is 😀  of course I have to thank Raymond for letting me use his camera, Susan, Katie and Koey for being my models :p  Please enjoy my first ever video clip in 3D

P.S.  if you don’t have those red and blue 3d glasses, you can try out cross-eyed (only way without glasses) 😀

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