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Sep 11 2014

911 Cousins visit 2014

It’s the time of the year when my cousin Rita and Elaine came for a visit.  They would come when they have the time off so it wasn’t surprising that they came this year.  Didn’t really do a lot with them because they had been to everywhere in Toronto really, but we decided to go to Niagara Falls for some nice pictures for a day.  Tho the weather wasn’t the greatest, at least it wasn’t raining 😛 The visit was kind of short, all we did was to walk along the falls back and forth, but it was a fun one day trip that I haven’t had for a long time 🙂  Well, I don’t know when they will come visit again but I am sure the next time when they visit, I will be living at my own place without my annoying parents around 😛

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Aug 09 2008

Cousins left :)

I just came back home from the airport and my cousins should be on their way to Seattle right now 😀 Me and my dad stayed there for almost 2 hrs because they had 2 different check ins. I really hope they had fun when they were here because to me Toronto is really a boring place really :p but Rita did mention they might come back again next year same time, umm… will see :p

The last couple of days, we didn’t really do much, most of the time was shopping and shopping… I know that their luggages got a lot heavier when they put them in my car, I don’t think Treycie bought a lot of things but I am pretty sure Rita and Elaine bought a lot, so I guess they achieved what they came for I guess :p

Oh oh, also last night we had “Hot Pot” in my house, and it was sooo yummy, my stomach was sooo full that I didn’t want to move an inch, lol.

I also added a few more pictures to my Facebook if you are nosy enough to check them out 🙂

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Aug 06 2008

My Dad’s Birthday + misc. stuffs

In the afternoon, me and Treycie went to Pacific Mall/Market Village. I had to get one of my lighters fixed because I accidentally dropped it from the 2nd floor to the ground floor and it was a gift from a friend 🙁 there after Treycie and I bought some stuffs + camera covers (which is in one of the pictures below) from “Once Better Living” if you know what it is :p Then after, we had a very nice dinner at a Chinese Restaurant for my dad’s Birthday and we had our cake at home. I DO think that was my dad’s first time having a Birthday cake in his life but I wouldn’t go find out anyways, hehe :p

I didn’t have time to upload pictures and stuff yesterday, so I also include some pictures we took today afternoon before King left Toronto. If you want to see more, I have more pictures on my Facebook

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Aug 05 2008

Chinese Lantern Festival

Last night we went to this Chinese Lantern Festival in Ontario Place with my cousins. The things there were soo beautiful and all, but the temperature was hot and humid, and mosquitos was everywhere. I did enjoy the outdoor and taking pictures there I have to admit but feeding mosquitos and seeing spiders hanging everywhere is not my interest, lol.

Anyways, I took tons of pictures and I had to divide them into 2 galleries on my Facebook

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Aug 04 2008

Yesterday morning + afternoon with Cousins

We went to a Chinese Restaurant that I had never been to with the cousins for breakfast. This time we didn’t want to overload ourselves so we didn’t order too much food. The place is nice and quiet, unlike the other one we went to the other day. Of course, Rita stuffed herself like a pig as usual no matter where she is :p And after breakfast, we came back to our house and took more pictures like Rita always asked.

If you look at the sec. picture, doesn’t it look like Treycie is putting shit into her mouth? lol There are more pictures to see if you have Facebook 🙂

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