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Nov 30 2014

Marcus’ 7th Birthday 2014

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Marcus
Happy Birthday to You.

Time flies lightning fast, Marcus is already 7 years old.  It was another big party at the grand parents house where could hold tons of people and balloons 😛  Not only that Marcus is getting bigger, so was the ice-cream cake which could easily feed 20+ people and the gifts of course, hehe.  It really was a day for the kids, they were mostly running around, yelling and screaming, not a good scene when you are not used to being around kids (talking to myself here…).  The party was supercharged with happiness and energy, our takeout food tasted even better because of that too (it’s true, hehe).  Oh oh, and we were so happy to see Cindy and her little baby girl as well, yay 何P!

more pictures on my Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153045290670211.1073741847.689775210&type=1&l=4f327b5dbd

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Jul 26 2014

BIG BBQ 2014

Is it a tradition or not?  A BIG BBQ at Cheryl’s house, this year we had 30+ people attended, a little less than last year but still pretty big 🙂  I missed a few previous parties so I was really looking forward to see my friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.  One special guest, Anita and her daughter came back from Hong Kong for a short visit.

I remember back in the days, we used to drink (alcohol) like crazy but we are not in our 20s now, so we didn’t drink much this time, hehe  The weather was super nice, we actually had concerns that it might rain but it didn’t, tons of food, lots of catching up with each others and of course it was a total madness with the kids playing bubbles 😛  At the end of the night, our stomachs were filled, some even got take out because there was just soo much food left, I couldn’t even describe the level of fun we had, just take a look at the smile/laugh in my pictures.  Huge thanks to Auntie for preparing everything and of course Cheryl for making this to happen 🙂  Hopefully we can have another party like this on the next weekend, hehe

there are more pictures here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152546127475211.1073741839.689775210&type=1&l=687a95f6fb

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Dec 24 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Couldn’t really think of a better way of spending a Christmas Eve with the little monsters other than anywhere else 😛  We didn’t have a turkey dinner or anything, all we had was a sushi platter and some Vietnamese PHO.  And as usual, we had all the food ready on the table and we had to wait for Grace, Simon and Emily…  Anyhow, the kids wanted to play Xmas dress up, so they setup a graphics wall to take some cute pictures, Marcus was in a Santa suit and the 2 girls were dressed in red.  Even Valerie wasn’t feeling well but it didn’t seem to stop her from enjoying the night with Emily and Marcus as you can tell from the pictures below hehe.  Well, the Christmas Eve turned out to be a boxing day for the kids because after our fantastic meal, they just rushed to their presents piles and started opening all the gifts, LOL  It was really a fun night, thanks 福仔 肥媽 for the wonderful evening and Karen for the tasty cake at the end!

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Jul 07 2013

“kids” – a short video using my Sony ActionCam

Finally made a video using some of the footage from my Sony ActionCam, while I was uploading to YouTube,  I realized the last video I uploaded was almost 2 years ago.  I here to promise, I will make videos more frequently.  Anyways, here is a video of some misc. short clips of kids that I hang out with almost every week that’s why I call this video “kids”.  FYI, in the beginning and at the end, those clips were shot in 120 fps slow motion mode, and for the rest were just regular 30 fps, enjoy!

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Jun 22 2013

Dinner at Karen’s house :-)

Summer is finally here and the weather is getting hotter than hotter everyday.  Instead of eating out, we decided to made ourselves a lovely dinner at Karen’s house and I headed there early to help of course.  Cutting the geoduck (象拔蚌) took me sometime because every slice has to be paper thin, cutting the pork neck meat (豬頸肉) into strips was alright and not to mention I also had to marinate those chicken wings too 😛  The outcome was amazingly good as expected, geoduck with pork neck was cooked just right, wings were perfect and everything on the table was mouth watering!!!  At first I thought we cooked too much for 6 adults but at the end, we basically finished all the dishes, so what does that tell you eh??  😛

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