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Mar 09 2012

Lunch with the Aunties @ 君臨天下

Yay, another BIG lunch dimsum gathering with the Aunties (靚靚師奶) since Queenie’s birthday is next week and very glad that Joseph and his wife can join us as well 😀  I remember the last time I went 君臨天下 was a long long time ago and it was a quite expensive Chinese restaurant back in the days.  Recently I have heard a lot of good things about this place, so I thought maybe we should give this a try so we went.  Turned out everything was exactly what I heard, food quality is really good and price is not bad either, not to mention they are doing 20% off lunch right now, just take a look at how much we ordered :p

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Jul 22 2011

Grazie Ristorante Italian Restaurant

Most people that know me well would know I love pasta, luckily Wendy and Kaline called me up for lunch to try some Italians 🙂  Good thing I only had to work morning on Friday :p  Grazie Ristorante, they do have 2 locations, the one we went to is located right outside of Vaughan Mills shopping center.  Once I got there, it was already packed with people but I guess that means it is a really good restaurant :p  Anyways, we ordered a salad, 2 pastas and a pizza, of course a dessert for the ladies as well.  I would definitely give a thumbs up for this because they really fit my taste hehe :p  Just take a look at those yummy food…

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Apr 20 2011

More house parties + more studio test (4)

This party was all about the people from my cooking class and dessert class, gladly the teachers from both class (Joesph, Corolla and Queenie) can attend and even Mrs Ma (the coordinator from Yee Hong) was here as well 😀  It was just a very simple hotpot dinner but we had soo much fun chatting and everything 😀  Of course, I wouldn’t miss a great chance of doing more of my photography tests in my studio, anyways, here are some of the samples 😀

P.S. all the studio pictures are edited using photoshop :p

here are the rest of the pictures on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150232273075211.354921.689775210&l=f32532f247

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