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華星餐廳 (Chi Star House)

new pictures added 3 Jan 2014

華星餐廳 (Chi Star House) is located in 美食坊 9021 Leslie St. Unit 5-6. Richmond Hill, forgot what it used to be but this place was pretty packed when we went in.  When a restaurant is always packed on weekdays, it means the place is good, I am soo glad we tried it because it is not only a Hong Kong style (港式餐廳) restaurant and they also have combo dishes (和菜).  Take a look at what we ordered in the pictures below, don’t they look amazing?  Well, they taste pretty good too, the soup was a little on the salty side but other than that, everything was cooked just the right the way for our taste buds 😀  If you are looking for a casual Chinese diner in the area, this is really a good option to consider, price is not bad either, but do expect a line up at the door or you can call them at 905-771-8880 to make a reservation.

P.S. one thing noticed too, I didn’t see a take out menu inside but they do take takeout orders.

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木子茶檔 (Ki Ko Cafe)

New pictures updated 13 Jun, 2013
New pictures updated 6 May, 2013
If you are tired of eating out at the same kind of Hong Kong Style restaurants, here is a good news, a new Hong Kong Fusion Style Restaurant is just opened in Markham area, 木子茶檔 (Ki Ko Cafe) is located at Woodbine and Hwy 7 (3000 Highway 7 E, Unit A2), right across Michael-Angelo’s.  The restaurant could probably fit 50 people in there and they have LLBO too which was kind of a surprise 😛  For someone like me, who loves HK style, this is definitely a perfect lunch choice to go, especially the location is very close to my office.  Price is not bad, very economical, presentation of food is well made on the dishes we ordered, everything tasted as good as it looks too but!!!  Because they are soo new, I am sure there are little things that could be improved, only time will tell, still, a very good choice in Markham area.

In case you are wondering, why their style of food is so similar to Fav Café (鍾意坊) (the same plaza as 黃金閣), well, the owner used to work there just FYI 😛

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五榖雜糧 (Golden Harvest Northern Chinese Cuisine)

五榖雜糧 (Golden Harvest Northern Chinese Cuisine), is a new restaurant located in 黃金商場 (Golden Bright Plaza) at Chalmers and Highway 7, used to be 南園餐廳 (Richmond Court Restaurant).  As most people know, Northern Chinese Cuisine is usually very greasy and fattening but they claim their food is very healthy and less greasy than others so I had to give it a try 😛

When I was looking at the menu, I was surprised totally by the varieties they have and some were not even seen at other restaurants, we just couldn’t resist on ordering as many dishes as possible because everything just look soo yummy.  Just look at the pictures below and you know how many we ordered for just 2 adults and a kid 😛  As expected, didn’t really see a lot of oily stuffs even with the deep fried Taro and others, but less greasy means less taste, not saying the food was bad but as a result of eating healthy, everything taste a lot milder.  I would definately recommend this place because I like the idea of Northern Chinese Cuisine doesn’t really have to be greasy, plus they have a lot of things that others don’t have 😀

P.S. I was told it would be a 15 – 30 mins wait time during weekends so I went on a weekday instead 😉

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一品魚湯 (Fish Shop Supreme)

new picture uploaded 1 Apr 2013
一品魚湯 (Fish Shop Supreme) is located at 633 Silver Star Blvd. Unit#125 Scarborough (Kennedy and Steeles) is a Chinese noodles specialist restaurant which was opened not long ago. Some people would run away when they hear the name “fish” because not everyone like the taste or smell of it, including me but I was told there is no MSG on everything they have, so I got try it out. When I first entered, I totally fell in love with the design of the interior, really didn’t expect a Chinese restaurant would put that much afford for such a pretty design nowadays 😛 Anyways, the menu was very simple, you can order whatever combination you want, different soup base, noodles and toppings and of course, I ordered the fish soup base (魚湯) to try it out. As it turned out, I finished the whole bowl of noodles and soup, my one of my friends almost licked his bowl clean too, so yeah, it was that good really 😛 Price wise, umm… it’s a little more than other places ($10ish) but it was well worth it. They do have a dinner menu too so I am hoping I will try it out someday too if I have a chance but so far, its a thumbs up for me 😀



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福臨 – Times Square Richmond Hill

What better things to do on a boring Family Day holiday?  飲茶(drink tea) with two of the best Aunties ever, Corolla and Connie at 福臨 at Times Square Richmond Hill!!!  The newly renovated 福臨 is finally back from a “umm… restaurant” to a “woah restaurant” after years or struggling…  Tho I only went to it a couple times years ago, this restaurant was always on the bottom of my list until today 😀  The DIM SUM was amazingly good and they even have a few that you won’t find out there like 木瓜奶盞, this place basically topped most of the Chinese DIM SUM places I have tried.  Once you put the food in your mouth, you just know that they really had someone to make those DIM SUM, unlike some just served frozen mass production DIM SUM to you…  Anyways, a must try 😀

Address:  550 Hwy 7 East, Unit 80, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B3Z4
tel: 905-709-8983

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