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Gelato simply Italian

Gelato simply Italian, located on Yonge St. and south of Eglinton Ave. W, a fabulous true Italian Ice cream shop.  Tho I am not an ice cream person but I was told their gelato is made with fresh ingredients, and the servers are always friendly and helpful, so I had to give this place a try.  The decor is modern and roomy with Italian Art Deco prints and huge folding doors which open to allow the light to flood in from Yonge Street.  Price is not bad, a medium cup with 3 flavors and a small cup with 2 flavors together is about $10, umm, YUM YUM!!!  It turned out my Pistachio and Nocciolato was pretty good and surprisingly, I didn’t see any florescent color in there, so that tells me the ingredients are very natural.  I would recommend this place to my friends and while you are there, you should explore the area too because there are tons of shops and restaurants in the area 🙂

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Downtown hang out – CN Tower revisited + misc.

My friend Michael came to Toronto for a short visit so it was my pleasure to show him around like a tour guide, tho I have no sense of direction at all :-p.  I chose to go downtown first because it was a Thursday, not a lot of traffics and people 😉  Our first stop was one of the wonders of the world – CN Tower – world’s tallest tower at one time.  Tho I had been there a few times, the tower itself remains the same, inside hasn’t really changed much over the years but they added a new attraction on top of the tower – Edge Walk, the outside looked a little different, under construction at the moment, was told they are improving the area.

Then we headed to Eaton’s Centre, not a wonder of the world but one of the biggest mall in Toronto hehe.  After a short tour around, we stopped by Trattoria Mercatto – Classic Italian food since 1997.  I had been to Eaton’s Centre soo many times but it was actually my first time trying this restaurant.  From their interior design to their food choices, everything was pretty amazing 😀  So if you are looking for a diner after a day of shopping, this is a perfect choice since it is right inside the mall, hehe.

BTW, I got lost a few times while trying to get to our destinations in downtown 😛

More photos of the whole album on my facebook link here

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Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill

While we were at Bayview Village shopping, of course we had to find something to fill our empty stomachs, Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, the very first restaurant when you enter the shopping mall.  This large urban space feels very downtown despite its North Toronto location. A gleaming open kitchen extends into the airy dining room, featuring washed tin ceilings, leather banquettes and dramatic and distinctive light fixtures.  I strongly recommend this place because of their nice constructions inside which makes you feel very causal and formal at the same time.  Food wise, 2 thumbs up!!!

Sorry for the shaky food pictures, I didn’t realize until now, guess I was really hungry 😛

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Ferrovia ristorante

Ferrovia ristorante, once was voted the best Italian restaurant in Thornhill, so if you want to try this restaurant, you better call ahead if time because last time we wanted to try it without making a reservation, of course there was a long long wait so we left.  My first impression was quite good, didn’t expect the restaurant size is very small compare to others but very unique.  Food was quite good, not too expensive with this kind of quality, presentation was amazing as you can see from the pictures below, no wondered it was vote one of the best.  One little small glitch that I didn’t like was the uncomfortable chair/bench I was sitting, maybe it was just me :-p  Anyways, great restaurant and I would definitely recommend this to friends 😀

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Dinner @Alice Fazooli’s

It’s not a surprise that Tina comes back to Toronto during Christmas to visit her family and friends, so it’s very usual we would have a gathering dinner with old friends that we haven’t contacted for a while because of that.  We chose Alice Fazooli’s an Italian food restaurant near Highway #7 and 404, a restaurant that I haven’t been to for a long time since the renovation about 2 years ago.  Of course, once everyone got there, the chatting was non stop, I would say everyone haven’t changed much since the last time we saw each other, at least no one looks older :p  Anyways, the menu is very simple, a few pages only, really made it very easy to choose what we wanted :p  For a restaurant like this, food quality and service is expected, the food was ok really but not fantastic, at least my dish wasn’t :p, presentation was super nice tho.  Service is below average, seriously, I am not sure if its because of the holiday season or any other reasons, our server wasn’t around/very long wait when we needed, missed a few orders and stuff…  Anyways, I still recommend this place because of the food but definitely not over Moxies or Jack Astors if I really have to choose one in the same plaza :p  With that said, time to look at pictures 😀

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