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First time been to Eason’s concert, and the longest 😀  Good and bad, I think Eason was pushing too hard and his voice was not perfect but overall it was fun.  Been to a lot of concerts but maybe my expectation was a little too high, didn’t really hear the CD quality I was expecting from him :p  It was soo true that it was the longest concert I had ever been to tho :p  Glad that he was always facing our side with that 4 sided stage really, hehe

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the Musical

About the same time last year, I went to The Princess of  Wales to see the Sound of Music the Musical, and this year, Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical.  The show is fun, hilarious and the audience sings along, definitely a must go if you are looking to see a fabulous show for X’mas 😀  Here is some info from

Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the Musical is based on the Academy Award-winning 1990s cult movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It’s about Tick, Bernadette and Felicia and their road trip through Australia in an old bus.

The show has played to rave reviews and audience acclaim in Sydney and London, and it’s now making its Toronto debut with divine Broadway diva Bette Midler taking on the role of producer. The show features more than 20 dance classics and elaborate costumes.

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the Sound of Music

Me and Karen went sound of music in Princess of Wales downtown tonight.  We were soo lucky because we didn’t get the alternate Maria, instead we got Elicia as Maria and Simon who performed the Sound of Music in England as captain.  After all, the show was totally amazing, it was really the best musical I had ever seen.  All the singers were soo good, not to mention the amazing backgrounds on stage.  I also like the way they presented the end story of the musical how the captain and others escaped from where they were living, if you have seen the old version, they really did good on this version.  Anyways, Sound of Music is ending on 3 Jan 2010, if you want to see it, you better get tickets soon because the show is ending in about 2 weeks 😀

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Starlight Joey Yung Live Toronto

I went downtown with North and his girl friend for dinner early in BCE Place last night, of course I had to leave a little early and left them wonder around in downtown :p  then I walked to the concert in Air Canada Center since it is very close.  I was there like 5 mins early than Karen, Simon, Cheryl and Grace arrived right on time when the concert started.   To be honest, I didn’t expect Joey sang so good LIVE cuz she always does so crappy on TV and she is sooo skinny in person :p  Anyways, after the concert was done, I took the subway back to uptown and North picked me up at the station  here are some pictures I took and I do have more on my Facebook as well 😀

Also a short video clip of the concert here in Facebook

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