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Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴)

To celebrate Mathew and Betty’s super cute new born, I was invited to their dinner celebration at Casa Victoria Fine Dinning and Banquet (紫爵金宴), a restaurant that is made for Chinese fine dinning, also a great gathering reunion with my old colleagues too 🙂  Did really have a close look at the baby because he was sleeping most of the time even with loud noise surrounded but I did take a few pictures while he was awake.  The night was busy because I had to run around and take pictures, of course I also had to find time to enjoy the food as well 😛  Food was very good consider this was a once in a while occasions dinner which we don’t get to try from day to day life, just take a look at the amazing pictures below and you would know what I mean 😀

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Potluck party + more studio test (5)

Well, while my parents are still away, the house parties marathon continues…  This time was a Potluck party with the friends I used to work with years ago at Logic, everyone brought food that they made and we ended up having over 15 different dishes on the table, yummm…  And you know what?  It was also my first time having 5 children in the house, so of course I wouldn’t miss this perfect opportunity to use my camera on them as well :p  Here are some of the best shots I picked for my blog, enjoy 😀

Here is a full album on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150234810800211.359756.689775210&l=da0c8d8fb7

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