DJI Spark Body Shell replacement (complete teardown)

Got myself a DJI Spark Drone over Christmas which I assume a lot of people did as well because drones are soo hot nowadays and they are just perfect as gifts.  Like every kid, I was very excited to fly my drone but the temperature was so low (mostly below 0°C) and the weather wasn’t helping, I only had a few chances to fly it during the winter time.  With not a lot of practice, one big accident into a tree 20m tall tree, it fell straight down onto the concrete ground like a rock, it ended up with a broken arm and it would not be able to fly again.  The good news is, after doing some research online, I found out that I could actually order the DJI Spark body shell (not from DJI) from AliExpress for just CAD$30, but there will be a lot of disassembling/assembling to do in order to get the drone flying again which is not an easy task (after watching many many videos on YouTube).  Anyhow, instead of buying another drone or ask DJI for an estimate, I decided to just get the body shell and see if it is possible to repair it.

While waiting for the parts to arrive (which took about 4 weeks time), watched a lot of teardown videos on YouTube but didn’t really see any that documented the whole process of how to replace a DJI Spark broken body shell (which I assumed a lot of people broke their drones…).  So when the body shell arrived last week, I decided to put together a video (DJI Spark Body Shell replacement (complete teardown).  Hope this helps the people trying to figure out what the options are if something similar happened.

Many thanks to my friend Sunny for doing most of the disassembling/assembling.

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