MSN-02 Zeong 1/100

Yet another backlog project. MSN-02 Zeong from the piles of my Gunpla in the basement. This model kit gave me the most trouble out of all, 5 of the fingers broke, both of the shoulders joints shattered in pieces (see picture below), one of the elbows broke and even small little pieces broke in pieces for no reasons… With the previous kit that I built MS-09 DOM experience, I somehow managed to fix all the broken pieces. Here is a list of how:

  • Shoulders: Ended up using epoxy and a few pieces of leftover plastic from the kit, remade the joints completely.
  • Fingers: also cut out the leftover plastics and filed them to match all the broken pieces.
  • Elbow joints: I super glued and use Baking Soda to harden it solid then filed it down to fit the elbow socket.

I really spent a lot of time on this kit, I wouldn’t say it was not a fun model but Bandai definitely have to come up with a better version of this. First was the cheap plastic, then was the design of all the movable part in the torso, none of them make any sense to me. Every chest joints can only be moved like 2 mm MAX and they won’t really hold positions/poses… or maybe it’s old…

Anyhow, because of the scale of this kit 1/100 and MS-02 Zeong is probably one of the biggest in size, my eyes can perfectly handle the details and hand painting part. I am pretty happy with the paint job I did to the jets since the jet engines are the main components. And I used a different kind of spray paint method for the body as well, really want to have the shiny look to it but not too shinny.

in conclusion, this is probably the most time I spent on a model kit (weeks) and I am having so much fun even when there are obstacles. Will I do it again with the same kit? Absolutely, but probably with a different finishing on the body.

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