MS-09 DOM 1/100

I started building models again last year, this time I wanted to build something a little different from the last few models, I went ZEON!!! For over 2 decades of Gunpla backlogs, I would have never thought I would encounter problems… What kind of problems?? This model kit MS-09 DOM was 20 years old from my vacation to Hong Kong, with that being said, here comes the problem. Since the model kit has spent years in boxes and basements, some of the plastic parts are very fragile/crunchie dor some reasons. I always start my kits same way, snip, sand, build and paint but while I was working on this, a few parts broke, especially the hands (the fingers fell out from the sockets) which took me a long time to figure out how to get that fixed…

After trying different glues and epoxy putty, I went back to the old fashion way and here is the solution. Glued a few pieces of the leftover plastic from the kit, sanded down the inside of the hands and glued the pieces inside, then drilled out new fingers sockets and it worked!!! (see picture below)

Overall this model kit was fun to build, I don’t know if they have a newer version of this but the hands are definitely a major issue.

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