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Nov 25 2014

Sogong-Dong Tofu House

Oh my god, did anyone know about this place, I was told it has been around for a long while and I didn’t even know it…?  A small unique Korean restaurant located in First Markham place, a very large varieties of Tofu soup dishes to choose from.  Personally, I don’t eat tofu very often but a bowl of tofu in spicy meat soup along with a bowl of stone pot rice completely changed the way I look at tofu.  Umm well, I eat anything spicy LOL.  This is just perfect for the cold weather, everything there would warm your stomach and body 🙂  One more thing tho, it has a very typical problem most Korean restaurant has, very slow service, so just beware 🙂

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Dec 11 2013

Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen has been around for sometime and it was my first time there…  I was actually quite amused by the location of the restaurant because it is located in a very enclosed area in downtown Toronto where surprisingly a lot of similar types of restaurants nearby.  Inside of the restaurant is quite unique and modern, although it is a tiny space but it actually feels quite large due to its tall ceiling.  Like other Japanese IZAKAYA or other noodles places, the workers will greet you once you enter the restaurant which gives you a very warm home coming feel.  Because it is a Japanese noodles soup restaurant, the menu is very simple and I just love the way you can choose the thickness of their rich and flavourful soup base of your choice.  Not to mention, they do have something like rice, noodle soup bowl and a drink combos for a very affordable price.  I was pretty satisfied with my rice and noodle soup, the portion is just right for me, not too much noodles and just enough toppings.  This is a highly recommended place to go in my opinion but there is only one catch, parking is a bitch since it is in a very compact enclosed area in downtown, there is a big chance that you might have to park really really far away from the restaurant, which might end up with a very long walk, not cool during winter 😛  But if anyone is going there, can I car pool?  hehe

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Dec 06 2013

Alice Fazooli’s

Woah, I haven’t been to this restaurant for a long time, last time I was there was back in 2011 Dinner @Alice Fazooli’s.  I really didn’t remember much about this place, they might have renovated the place, but as I remembered the most was, the place was always noisy and I was right, hehe.  Still don’t think the food stands out from other restaurants around it but it’s still a good place to go if you like the atmosphere.  It does have a very unique and modern style that most Italian restaurants don’t have, I guess that’s one of the reasons why it is always packed and attracts mostly the younger crowds and really not a bad choice if you are in Richmond Hill area 🙂  Did I mention they have a big projector on the wall playing old times movies?!  Hehe

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Sep 13 2013


What a relaxing beautiful restaurant with lots of beer to choose from “beerbistro”, located in downtown Toronto on King St. east.  Didn’t really expect the place would be packed on an early Friday night but it was true.  We got there around 6 and it was packed already and the atmosphere was pretty good with tons of people.  I was told one of their specialty food was actually potato fries which they use the fat from the ducks for deep frying, tho they look like new york fries BUT they really tasted a lot better.  I was also told that they even use beers as part of the ingredients for their food, something different and they tasted well.  Prices are alright, consider its a restaurant in a busy area downtown Toronto.  Not a bad choice especially if you have a group of people to enjoy different kinds of beers and have a great time 🙂

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Jul 31 2013

Gelato simply Italian

Gelato simply Italian, located on Yonge St. and south of Eglinton Ave. W, a fabulous true Italian Ice cream shop.  Tho I am not an ice cream person but I was told their gelato is made with fresh ingredients, and the servers are always friendly and helpful, so I had to give this place a try.  The decor is modern and roomy with Italian Art Deco prints and huge folding doors which open to allow the light to flood in from Yonge Street.  Price is not bad, a medium cup with 3 flavors and a small cup with 2 flavors together is about $10, umm, YUM YUM!!!  It turned out my Pistachio and Nocciolato was pretty good and surprisingly, I didn’t see any florescent color in there, so that tells me the ingredients are very natural.  I would recommend this place to my friends and while you are there, you should explore the area too because there are tons of shops and restaurants in the area 🙂

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