Sogong-Dong Tofu House

Oh my god, did anyone know about this place, I was told it has been around for a long while and I didn’t even know it…?  A small unique Korean restaurant located in First Markham place, a very large varieties of Tofu soup dishes to choose from.  Personally, I don’t eat tofu very often but a bowl of tofu in spicy meat soup along with a bowl of stone pot rice completely changed the way I look at tofu.  Umm well, I eat anything spicy LOL.  This is just perfect for the cold weather, everything there would warm your stomach and body 🙂  One more thing tho, it has a very typical problem most Korean restaurant has, very slow service, so just beware 🙂

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Sogong-Dong Tofu House, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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