SAKE + hotpot gathering

As you all know, we would put together small gatherings from time to time, our friend Cheryl came up with an events, a SAKE + hotpot gathering.  The highlight of the night was our SAKE which costs around $150, and of course we had to have something to eat, so she decided to put together a hotpot dinner as well, a very special sukiyaki hotpot 🙂  Of course food tasted amazingly good, so was the SAKE 😉  Didn’t really take a lot of pictures because I was too busy eating, hehe.  Sadly for our host, the smell of our hotpots was everywhere, guess she had to sleep with the smell for a few days 😛  but it was a true blessing to see some of our friends we hadn’t seen for a while, great catching up and all, yay!!!  Now it’s time to plan for our next gathering, should be huge because X’mas is coming up 😛

P.S.  To host something like this takes hours of preparation, not to mention Cheryl had to go to 4 different supermarkets to get all the food too.  So big thank you 🙂

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