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HANSIK Korean Restaurant

Korean BBQ, one of my most favorite food in this whole wide world and thanks to Shu and Cheryl for finding this amazing restaurant!!!  In a location that I would have never thought of, right on Finch Ave. and Dufferin, in between warehouses and shops there is HANSIK Korean Restaurant (according to their website, hansik means Korean food).  A smoke free BBQ restaurant which actually let you walk out from your dinner without smelling like a BBQ.  Inside was huge, which you couldn’t really tell from looking at the front door, inside was very modern Korean style and the servers were soo polite, just didn’t expect they were all guys instead of the traditional female servers.  Food was fantastic, everything was soo fresh and all the meat was not too salty like the other ones I have tried.  Price wise is really good compare to other Korean restaurants in other areas, overall experience was excellent!!!

If you have a few friends and want to spend a good time/food over dinner, this is a very nice pick if you don’t mind the distance, I would definitely go back and try more of their other stuffs on their menu, YUM YUM!!!

Of course, thanks to Cheryl, Ruby, Jason, Vivian and Shu for this amazing birthday dinner, amazing choice.  AND I have to say, Happy Birthday to Ruby as well because hers is only 2 weeks away from mine 🙂  Thanks guys!!!

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Barsa Taberna

This time we tried something different for Karen’s birthday other than our regular routine Japanese or Chinese, Barsa Taberna – a Spanish restaurant with a little fusion twist, located right at St. Lawrence Market area in the heart of downtown Toronto.

All the dishes we had taste as good as they look, we found the food portion is a little small if you are sharing with 8 people LOL, another way of saying is, it’s more like a restaurant that if you are just looking to nibble 😛  Some dishes were a little too salty to my taste and some had too much herbs my friends said, service was very good, nice servers and a very cozy environment.  Overall, it is perfect for gatherings and to spend hours catching up with friends 🙂  2014 top 10 restaurants in Toronto, got to be good!!!

Sorry, I don’t have all the names of our orders, you might have to show these pictures to the server while you are there 😛

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Marcus’ 7th Birthday 2014

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Marcus
Happy Birthday to You.

Time flies lightning fast, Marcus is already 7 years old.  It was another big party at the grand parents house where could hold tons of people and balloons 😛  Not only that Marcus is getting bigger, so was the ice-cream cake which could easily feed 20+ people and the gifts of course, hehe.  It really was a day for the kids, they were mostly running around, yelling and screaming, not a good scene when you are not used to being around kids (talking to myself here…).  The party was supercharged with happiness and energy, our takeout food tasted even better because of that too (it’s true, hehe).  Oh oh, and we were so happy to see Cindy and her little baby girl as well, yay 何P!

more pictures on my Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153045290670211.1073741847.689775210&type=1&l=4f327b5dbd

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SAKE + hotpot gathering

As you all know, we would put together small gatherings from time to time, our friend Cheryl came up with an events, a SAKE + hotpot gathering.  The highlight of the night was our SAKE which costs around $150, and of course we had to have something to eat, so she decided to put together a hotpot dinner as well, a very special sukiyaki hotpot 🙂  Of course food tasted amazingly good, so was the SAKE 😉  Didn’t really take a lot of pictures because I was too busy eating, hehe.  Sadly for our host, the smell of our hotpots was everywhere, guess she had to sleep with the smell for a few days 😛  but it was a true blessing to see some of our friends we hadn’t seen for a while, great catching up and all, yay!!!  Now it’s time to plan for our next gathering, should be huge because X’mas is coming up 😛

P.S.  To host something like this takes hours of preparation, not to mention Cheryl had to go to 4 different supermarkets to get all the food too.  So big thank you 🙂

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pictures added 21 Nov 2014

I am not a big burgers fan but it was probably the best burger I ever had, HOLY CHUCK, located at highway 7 and Pine Valley.  Compare to other burgers places, they have soo many varieties of burgers and fries you can choose, if you think burgers are all about beef, this place can prove you wrong because they also have bacon and even ducks in their burgers, not to mention their milk shakes are also their specialties as well 🙂  The size of the burgers is big so are the other stuffs and some burgers can cost even up to almost $30.  If you like burgers, you really have to give this place a try, you won’t regret it 🙂

P.S.  I fell in love with their logo, it’s a cow’s head on a plate LOL

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