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Pre celebrate Jason’s Birthday at O Mei

It was the time of the year when we celebrate friends’ birthday over dinner, O Mei has always been a very solid Chinese restaurant for a perfect dinner.  Did I mention seafood is O Mei’s specialty as specially Lobsters, 4 different dishes can be made out of a 6 pound lobsters, but of course, they also have a great varieties of food choices.  I don’t think I need to say much about the food because everyone knows that it is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Toronto, tho we didn’t order a lot because we only had a few people but the choices we had was excellent as expected, eg. our super tasty lobster 😛  Oh, almost forgot to mention, they have very good Chinese style dessert too!!!  The night was amazing, being with good friends over dinner is always enjoyable and at the end of the night, we left with a full stomach, big smile and joy 🙂

here is another O Mei post from before in case you want to see more 🙂

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Yes, it was that time of the year again and thanks my good friends for a birthday dinner celebration for me and Ruby!!!  Another great Japanese restaurant pick located in downtown Toronto again, KINGYO (金魚) 🙂  I have to say out of all Japanese restaurants I have tried, this one probably has the most comfortable seats out of all.  Tho it says izakaya (Japanese grilled), they don’t really have a lot izakaya to choose from but what I like the most was, everything tasted not as salty as the other izakaya and their sushi/sashimi tasted very good as well as their presentation.  I would recommend this place to friends especially if you are looking to find a izakaya restaurant which is not as noisy so you can actually chat with your friends, and not to mention, the place is actually quite large, hehe.  If you are interested to try this place out, I believe you will have to make a reservation AND you will only have 2 hours of eat time or they WILL kick you out, just a friendly reminder 😛

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Dinner with Cheryl and friends @ chop Steakhouse bar

As always, we would like to celebrate our friends birthdays early, if you are reading this, don’t forget to send greetings to Cheryl at the end of this week 😛  Cheryl’s pick of the night was chop Steakhouse bar, there are 8 across Canada, luckily the one in Toronto is located just around our airport, 801 Dixon Rd Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J5.  First impression was, the look is very modern from the outside and the inside, people are extremely friendly and price is inexpensive compare to the similar kinds of restaurants.  Our waitress was extremely friendly, quite surprised that she actually remembered all our names and service was excellent.  I picked the crab cake, prime rib and apple pie from their summerlicious menu, everything was pretty good, crab cake was delicious, prime rib was cooked just right and apple pie was excellent.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish everything because the portion was a little big for me.  Anyways, for a fine dinning restaurant, this one is really good especially if you want to get away from all those franchise in Toronto 🙂

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Ceramic charcoal BBQ

Thanks Ruby and Jason for a wonderful BBQ dinner over the weekend, I have a admit Jason really out did himself and his BBQ skill is really great, or maybe it was his new BBQ ummm…  First time seeing a whole chicken being grilled in a ceramic charcoal BBQ, I was told that Jason did a lot of research, watched a lot of youtube videos to come up with this beer chicken and it was bloody fantastic!!!  And of course Ruby helped out the rest of the food too I am sure 😛  The cedar salmon was cooked just right, those little potato were crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, plus my favorites, Chinese sausages and pork neck was tendered!!!

The night was awesome, food was delicious, poor Jason was going in and out the kitchen/yard checking on food and we spent a lot of time chatting, BS, chatting…  with all that being said, I really think Ruby and Jason should host more BBQ at their place so we can enjoy everything that CHEF Jason made 😛

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Celebrating Karen’s Bday early @ TOMO SUSHI Japanese Restaurant

It has been kind of a tradition that me and my friends would treat the birthday person a nice meal and to celebrate Karen’s up coming birthday, we picked TOMO SUSHI.  The last time I was there was with my Aunties http://www.karlng.com/blog/?p=5522 and with 10 people this time we could order a whole lot more 😛  As usual, I always enjoy the moments with my friends no matter what we do and having nice dinners with them would just step a notch up 😛  From what I remembered from my last experience was that their food was really good and the presentation of food was quite amazing and over the years I have learned food presentation would definitely make food taste a lot better and ummm, just compare the pictures I took from months ago http://www.karlng.com/blog/?p=5522 and below… noticed anything different?  Food was still great… if I closed my eyes if you know what I mean…  Anyways, it was still super fun hanging out with friends and of course, wishing Karen a super happy birthday this coming Friday 😀

Not sure if I want to dine in there again… but take out is still good tho 😛

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