Ceramic charcoal BBQ

Thanks Ruby and Jason for a wonderful BBQ dinner over the weekend, I have a admit Jason really out did himself and his BBQ skill is really great, or maybe it was his new BBQ ummm…  First time seeing a whole chicken being grilled in a ceramic charcoal BBQ, I was told that Jason did a lot of research, watched a lot of youtube videos to come up with this beer chicken and it was bloody fantastic!!!  And of course Ruby helped out the rest of the food too I am sure 😛  The cedar salmon was cooked just right, those little potato were crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, plus my favorites, Chinese sausages and pork neck was tendered!!!

The night was awesome, food was delicious, poor Jason was going in and out the kitchen/yard checking on food and we spent a lot of time chatting, BS, chatting…  with all that being said, I really think Ruby and Jason should host more BBQ at their place so we can enjoy everything that CHEF Jason made 😛

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  1. I use the usual charcoal bbq and have read a review of a ceramic charcoal bbq for the first time. I wonder how long they last for before needing to be replaced. The mix of a flame and a slow heat make this an interesting item.

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