Download videos and musics from YouTube, no add-ons needed!!!

YouTube download

YouTube download

Watching YouTube has become a day to day routine for a lot of people these days, you can even find TV series or movies sometimes but don’t you get sick of watching it on a browser?  Wished you could just download the whole movie or even just download the musics onto your memory cards and watch it from a media box on your TV or put everything on your smart phone instead?  This method is perfect for downloading those Web series youtube videos and watch them over and over again 😛  There used to be some add-ons for your browsers to do that but did you guys know you can actually do that by just adding ss right after www. of the video you want to download?  for example, it will redirect you to, then just click on the quality you want and viola, it’s done!!!  But if you wish to download the files in HD quality, I would recommend you to get the addon for your browser, just one click and you have the file 😛

One thing I want to mention too, the videos you are watching on YouTube from a browser were already rendered into flash format, so the video quality would lose a little, but by doing this, you are downloading the original, try it, it won’t hurt you 😛

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Download videos and musics from YouTube, no add-ons needed!!!, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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