Baby Hamster!!!

This afternoon, I check my hamster cage and you know what I found? A baby hamster!!! I have had this Russian dwarf hamsters pair for almost 5 weeks, and they finally did it 😀 It was good that I already had a spare cage ready just in case if the female gets pregnant and without any notice or anything (even I read a lot of those things on the web) and Bammm!!! There, hamster babies :p I was soo surprised because I did check the female last night and I didn’t see her pulling out any hair from the nipples area and there was no abnormal activities these days, oh well, I am not a hamsters specialist :p Anyways, I have already separated the male from the female’s cage, lets hope they will grow up healthily and happy 😀 And here is a video I took when I first saw one of the babies 😀 btw, the other one is hiding in the bedding somewhere :p

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