My Hamster Babies at 6-15days – video

Took out the old post and made a video of day6-15 😀  Enjoy

Mom is nursing the other 2 and I had a chance to take a short video of this little one 😀 After the last failure pregnancy, this time is a lot better, well at least the babies are a lot more healthy this time. 5 was born and on day 6, there are 3 left still, so I am hoping they will survive the first 2 weeks so mom won’t eat them 🙁

It was hard to take videos while mother was covering/nursing the babies most of the time and I could see the ears and some hair out on those little ones

Growing super fast, also they started eating on their own and at the end of this video, I had to clean the cage so I took a good look at the babies 😀

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My Hamster Babies at 6-15days - video, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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